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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Troubles with Blogger...PHM Update...stuff

Hope you are all having a very blessed, easy , relaxing Sunday today !!
I am just kickin' ( as my daughter would )
Did you notice my new banner ??? I am now the proud owner of an iPhone4s...I've been due to update my phone for over a year...I had a blackberry, which I loved !! did you see I wrote past tense....loved..
I now LOVE my new phone !! It is beyond amazing and just for the megapixels on the camera old phone had 2 MP...this has 8...what a difference !! I took the pics with my phone and made up the collage in an app for it...having fun !!
Ok...sooo....Thursday night at Midnight was update time for Primitive Handmades Mercantile ...For some reason, blogger was having fits and we almost lost all of our Artists pages...YIKES !! I decided I wasn't touching anything, so I got up early Friday morning to didn't happen..all day there was just one thing after the, I begin to update...I had 3 of my items added, pics, descriptions....Internet Explorer decides to shut down on me....nothing was saved !!!
Ok, I'm tenacious....start all over again .....added first items descriptions...add the pic...What ???pics are sideways ???? went into both photo editing programs I have...resaved the photos, right side up....add the pics to Blogger...sideways....I gave up...
Teresa Miller texted me about some PHM business....She called me and I told her about my dilemma...God bless her, she offered to add my items...So...I finally did get updated...
So...go take a peek if interested.....Here is a pic of a pea hen I made up...sanded the fabric right through in some spots...painted and stained and sanded the can it sits in...

I had to post a link from picture trail to get this pic right side up....grrrrrr......
 I had wanted to get my sheep rug finished for the update, but I am working on that in teeny tiny spurts...I'm having a hard time with the Scottich surprises me how tight the weave is on this and the wool does not pull through nice and smooth.....Oh well...I'll live and just keep at it a little at a time.... :)
Enjoy your Sunday...


Unknown said...

Love your header!
You sure are more talented with your iPhone than I am with mine.
Brett talks about how good the quality are on these too. But in my hands, you can't see it! LoL.

Blogger is nuts sometimes.
I have most problems with my sidebar of followers.
At time it chooses certain blogs not to show me.
There not showing up, then poof they are, then poof they're gone again. Drives me crazy.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Pam in IL said...

Have fun with your new iphone! Glad you were finally able to get things updated. Just drives me nuts when technology doesn't work!

Brush Creek Needlework said...

Looks great! I got a iphone 4s last Spring and I am crazy about it. I don't even use a camera anymore, just my phone. I was also having trouble with my internet explorer and blogger. Switched to Google Chrome in January and haven't had any problems.

Hope you have a great Sunday!

Jen Mayo

Susannah said...

Robin, I love your header...but then again I have loved them all.

I think you are going to love your new iphone. My granddaughter just got one and I looked it over pretty good and I think when my contract is up...I may get one, too.

Sorry about all your photo problems.


Raymond Homestead said...

Great header picture. I'm sure you love your phone, I'm due to update mine but just haven't yet. I so hate it when the computer doesn't cooperate!

Linda said...

Robin, love your header, but then I love everything you do! What is the name of the app to do that?
I am the same way about not giving up on this pc. I worked for hours getting your wool pattern enlarged from the link you gave me! Yay, I did it too.

Danice G said...

The new header is so pretty. I have also had trouble with Internet Explorer. Firefox works better with Blogger for me. Plus, Firefox is faster than IE :)

quiltsbycheri said...

enjoy seeing all your creations that you share and am too jealous and amazed as I can't stuff or hook..... thankfully there are many of us, as not all can do it all and we get to enjoy, admire what other talents we do not......

Anonymous said...

I love your new header..
Glad everything got worked out..
Have a great week..