Bird In The Hand Primitives

Primitive Folk Art Designs and Finished Items
By: Robin Leuschen

" Who you are is God's gift to you........ What you do, is your gift to God !"

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Incorporating my beloved primitive with the whimsical aspect in to my Art Journaling.

I'm trying to incorporate my more primitive/ folk art style in with the whimsical almost abstract that is commonly identified with this wonderful art journaling. 
The term " art journal" is appropriate  for what I'm doing. I'm on my own little art journey , having so much fun and keeping it recorded in my pages. 
Love what you are doing ...

Friday, March 27, 2015

New pattern new doodle booklet, new art journal loving it all !!

I have been keeping myself working, doing all the businessy things needed to get my patterns on patternmart and sold,,,,not fun like drawing, stitching, hooking or punching,,,,lol
Here is my first new doodle booklet

Spring Fancy Doodle Booklet

Spring Fancy Doodle Booklet

Folky Spring flowers, Beeskep, and a Scherenschnitte design included in this 4 Doodle booklet. ...

Price: US$7.50

Click for details

 I just finished up this little beauty of a doodle booklet , its called...I included the pattern from my Sherenschnitte in the booklet....

Then i completed the Fraktur Tulips Pattern for Punch Needle...

Fraktur Tulips Punch Needle

Fraktur Tulips Punch Needle

In the style of the lovely old German Fraktur painting, Ive designed this doodle and punch pattern ...

Price: US$7.50

Click for details

a few more art journal pages,,,

Enjoy your weekend...I will be painting and drawing.....

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Art in any form .... I'm loving it.

I've worked on all my art. Feeling so free.

Yesterday was the Primitive Handmades Mercantile update. Here were the offers I posted and both sold immediately. Thank you Lord !

And another item 
This Fraktur Tulips Punch Needle pillow , is actually a brand new design and will be a new pattern in the next few days. 
I've been delving into painting, mixed media art and art journaling. What fun and freedom I fee doing this. But in the second new page it may be too hard to see, but I used my sewing machine and stitched her little flower on and I also sewed her collar to the dress. 
It's fun learning new techniques ( I never took 1 art class) so this is ALL new to me. 

Here are my newest pages:


Last week I cut out another piece from paper , practicing the German Art of Scherenschnite (paper cutting).

I also played around with making my own stamps or even screen plates for printing designs ony art journal pages. 
Here is a sample of that. 
 drew a new doodle as a freebie for the PHM newsletter but I wanted to share here if anyone isn't signed up for the letter. 
Here it is :

Oh I have one more drawing I did up for my art journal last week. Here it is. And read the quote I added to it. 

This is the beginning sketch of the face. Here is the finished piece. 
All in all it has been a very busy few weeks. But oh so enjoyable. I want to just eat, breathe and sleep art. 
Whether it's my primitive folk art or my crazy mixedrfis with my daughters , who both by the way love it and will be giving Me some stuff competition in the art world soon. Lol.