Bird In The Hand Primitives

Primitive Folk Art Designs and Finished Items
By: Robin Leuschen

" Who you are is God's gift to you........ What you do, is your gift to God !"

Monday, August 27, 2012

Ahhhh...finally some time to pop in....

Not finished at all, but just wanted to show the color I painted the walls....
I have missed you all like crazy !!!!!!! I have been only a teeny bit of a lurker, visiting some blogs here and there, but mostly staying off the computer trying to get things finished...
This move has proven to be the hardest physical task I've had to do in such a very long time, but let me say, I've lost 12lbs. just getting around and bustin a move in this new ..."new to me" home.
Why we didn't snap photos of all the before, is beyond me, because if I could show you, most would probably say, why didn't someone just burn it down ???
We saw the still has a long way to go, but with  alot of hard work, elbow grease, mostly cleaning and tossing years of hoarding junk, it is feeling like the home I imagined it could be !!
Here is a pic of my kitchen cabinets...we didn't realize we would need to be replacing the wall behind them and so many other "surprises", so we could only afford this small section for now....I have a few free standing cabinets in there for now holding food items, dishes, etc...


Here is a little of the bathroom before and after....


 I also have my craft room / studio almost finished ...This room I have no pictures of before, only videos...If I can figure out exactly how to do it, I will upload those to my blog...OH my gosh, you will not believe what you see people !!! It was horrific !! But like I was a super deal and we saw potential....God must have closed my eyes to alot of it, because now when I watch the videos and see what we've done, I can't believe we ...I....agreed to buy this home !! It was meant to be...I had been praying for such a long time and crying out to the Lord for a home that I could be at peace in and make my own...We found this place the day before my Birthday and signed the sales agreement on my Birthday, July 1st... How's that for a Birthday gift ??!!
Ok, a few pics of my craft area, and I'm back to work....

OHHHHH...forgot to tell you about the newest member of our family !!
I couldn't have a nice big doggy where we lived before, so of course, I HAD to look for one as soon as we were moved in !! We were still painting and doing repairs, lots of commotion and chaos, but I figured if I found a dog that could fall right into the not so smooth groove and be somewhat calm and obey orders etc, with all the chaos and confusion going on, it would be a perfect fit...
Well, let me tell you, I couldn't have been more blessed !!
I found my baby on Craigslist...Her foster Mom had rescued her from a home where the Dad was mean and threatened to kill her ...She took her in , but already had numerous pets and couldn't keep her....
Her name is HAYDEN...not my choice for a doggy's name, but she comes to
She is pit,boxer,lab mix....I question the pit, only because she is tall, and resembles boxer the most, but has the otter tail of a lab, the slightly visible bump on the top of her head of a lab, and the sweetest, most gentle, well behaved and submissive but fun loving and playful personality of a lab....she is an angel pooch !!We all love her and she loves us !! The kids are her best friends and she adores the youngest Grandson, Keegan , who at 15 months can be quite the pest, if you know what I mean...
When she isn't doing

In my studio right behind me and my computer...she is doing this...

her second most favorite thing to do ....
Well, it's raining and I'm enjoying that, along with some peaceful time with my four legged baby in my forever home...but lots more work to do.....
I luv you all and am just about ready to jump back into designing some new patterns and Fall goodies !!!

Friday, August 3, 2012

I Disappeared !!!

Hello friends !! I feel like I went missing for real !! What a crazy time it's been.... We have a new home !!!!!
Let me be a little more specific...we bought a DIFFERENT home...but definately not NEW !!!
Such alot of work to do...and we had literally 2 weeks to be out of the old home, so as not to have to pay 2 mortgage payments for Aug. ....
My kids , my grandkids and a dear friend were all here to help !! and we did it !!!
I so wish I could share pics, but there is soooo much work to do yet, and I'm practically living out of rubbermaid totes, I don't have anything I'm willing to share right now...I have before pics, but oh no !! Noone is seeing those until it's
i have a HUGE lot, well, for me it is....almost 1 acre and alot of beautiful plants and flowers....but, along with all of this comes the bad part...the elderly folks that lived here grew beautiful flowers and plants to sell around the area flea markets and such....We even have a Greenhouse !!!...but oh dear friends...these sweet old souls were HOARDERS !!!
The wife passed away awhile ago and the husband is in a nursing home. The son was so overwhelmed he wanted to just sell quickly.... wow what a mess...we rented a HUGE dumpster !! and had it filled to the rim and need to rent one again to finish the outside....
I'm a little overwhelmed still , but I will say this...i've probably lost at least 25 pounds from all the work and not much appetite in this un godly heat !!
This house has sooo much potential and it is starting to shine through !!! I can't wait to have a garden next year and do a little canning like in the good old days when we were farming...oh how I've missed that !!
I am going through my creative withdrawls, but I guess it won't be too long before I'm set up with my studio and back to designing again !!!
Hugs to you all !!!