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" Who you are is God's gift to you........ What you do, is your gift to God !"

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Time For a .........Christmas Give Away !!!! is finally that time !! No...those aren't the items for the giveaway, it's just an old pic of Christmas stuff, but it had a clock in the pic...get's Time for a giveaway ? have had so many other things going, and put this on the back burner...But I wanted , I MUST do this to show my appreciation for all of you...I know this is a "virtual" world...But you, are all very real people, and some of the sweetest, kindest, most faithful gals ( and guys ?) I know ....
I've been through some really dark spots this year, and when I prayed for healing and light it came, God is good !! And.......I found a soothing balm in the kindness and encouragement from all of you ...Please know, that in my heart of hearts, I love you all....( sorry for the mushiness
Now, on to the LOOT !!
Here are the rules, and what you need to do.
!.---------I will be giving away 3 items...All you need to do is put a comment under this post and must choose which item you would like if you were to win !!!
2.---------If you do not have a blogger account, or google account, please make sure you leave an email , so that if your name is chosen, I can get ahold of you via Email, and get your address, etc.
3.------------ If you cannot leave a comment, you may Email me through blogger, give me your name and email that is best to get ahold of you with.
4.-----Giveaway will end Friday December 9th and the 3 winners will be chosen that morning !!!!!
Item number 1# ... My pattern prototype "Primitive Skating Snowman " * This the finished doll*

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Item number #2 is my pattern prototype "Old Father Christmas Doll" * this is the finished doll*

And last but not least...for all of you Cat Lovers ....# 3 Ornies ..."Kitties In Stockings"

I wish you all could win, but alas, I don't have enough goodies to give away...But I may be having FUN GAME for a Christmas Yard Sale...I am thinning my herd of be on the watch out for that ...
Hugs to you all !!!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Beautiful job on hooked rug !!!

I cannot believe how quickly Maggie got his rug hooked. She used my "Twas The Night" Wool Applique pattern. I am in awe of the talent of these ladies who do hooked rugs !! You can visit Maggie's ebay here and maybe bid on the rug and make it your own !!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

*New* Old Father Christmas Pattern

Hello...Take a peek at my newest and maybe the last new pattern of the year, my version of the French "Pere Noel", Old Father Christmas.
Now...I'm off to start cleaning and preparing for the 'Roast Beast Feast'
Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving to all my friends !!

Old  Father Christmas

Old Father Christmas

This is my version of Pere Noel ( Father Christmas in French).
Father Christmas is holding a small ...

Price: US$6.50

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Monday, November 21, 2011

Weekend Antique Store and Thrift Store finds and more...

Hello one and all !! It's been a grand Monday so far, with lots of things going on and workin away... I woke up feeling a little overwhelmed with Thanksgiving approaching so fast, but then I remembered,..I am thankful for every day, and I am going to just do what I can, enlist the help of others to do what I can't do and then enjoy Thanksgiving and be grateful just like the Holiday is meant for....
So with that said...
I had a good time going to a few antique stores Saturday and Sunday and a Thrift store or two.One of the places I went to yesterday, has a few wonderful handmade primitive goodies by a fellow Blogger, Kris of Kountry Porch Primitives...I keep forgetting she lives so close to
I found some neat goodies to make some things out of and even a nice wool jacket that once cut up and washed and dried , gave me some beautiful light tan wool that I can use just as is or over dye....can't wait to try it...

***** See the tiny red oil can in the pic above ??? It is going to be a part of a goodie I am making for a swap ....It was painted a horrible color turquoise and had gold trim and tole painted with ugly flowers...I barely had my purse off of my shoulder when I got home Saturday, and started sanding it down and I painted it red and went over it with a black still needs to be sealed, but I like how it turned out...

Working on a new Santa Doll Pattern....The bodies both look slightly different as I like to experiment with my prototypes and see which shape works best, if I stitch here or there do the bodies or arms bend more easily....etc...etc,....
Working on the trim for the jackets now...Probably will have the pattern finished either tonight or first thing tomorrow.....

Oh, and I did make my list of grocery items for Thanksgiving, but I did get my frozen turkey Saturday evening and have that thawing in the fridge allready...
Hope you are all doing something you love or are relaxing ....or being super busy, but enjoying it!!!...
Hugs my friends...

Friday, November 18, 2011

Freebie Doodle and painting some boxes.....

I drew this guy up and thought, "gee, I know how much everyone LOVES Snowmen ! I have to offer another freebie !!".,,,,well, it went something like that ! hahah....
So here ya go...And of course I had to play around in the paint program so I colored him in too...

I used to have these boxes in my Bathroom, cause they kind of matched my decor and colors in there, well, I FOUND my shower curtain I hunted high and low for, so I'm going to re-do the bathroom sometime soon here...Most everything in there with the exception of my wall box and mini cupboard, is going to my Daughter and DIL for their bathroom as they have the same theme and colors.But I love stacking boxes, so I decided to paint them. I printed out labels ( goofed up on the for them to go in the kitchen for now, but i will just orint different labels and put them in my newly re-decorated bathroom when that happens.I am adding a before and after pic....

Working on a Santa Pattern..should be finished by tomorrow evening sometime...staying busy and creative is oh so good for my soul !! Thank you Lord for your goodness !!!
Night night,

Thursday, November 17, 2011

**New** Wool Applique Pattern Available !

i'm very happy how this runner came out and I do think that it could easily be used to create a hooked rug, or punch needle piece or even a stitchery piece.The instructions are pretty detailed so it should be alot of fun to create.
Hope you like it !

Twas The Night Before Christmas Wool Applique Runner

Twas The Night Before Christmas Wool Applique Runner

Perfect to adorn your table or as a wall hanging for the holidays.Measures 8 1/2" x 21 3/4" . ...

Price: US$5.00

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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Working on Wool Applique runner pattern and more....

I've been working since Sunday on a wool applique pattern for a runner..It's called "Twas The Night Before Christmas " ( not very original ,I know ). Now, I added the year 1822 because that is when the story(poem actually) was first written, it was published in a New York newspaper under the title "A Visit from St. Nicholas" It wasn't until 1844 that it was credited publicly to Clement C. Moore , when it was included in an anthology of his works.... So...learn something new everyday huh?
I snapped some pics while I was arranging the pieces for placement, and still need to stitch it together then, finish writing out the pattern. It can easily be done up as a hooked rug, punch needle piece or a stitchery also.
and...Yesterday I recruited my 18 year old daughter to paint a bench that hubby had made me years ago. The Hunter Green and natural wood was just soooo country 80's and 90's still have to sand down, distress and go over with a stain....
Now....I am having a Christmas Giveaway !!! I'll post pics tomorrow of the goodies and rules to be entered.....For now, have a super dee duperty great evening !!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Some Christmas freebies for now....

I thought some ladies that sew dolls and such would enjoy a freebie that was a doll or ornie to stitch up. I'm even adding a photo of the ones I made for a gathering on my table....

And this is a little winter cabin I drew up but didn't include in one of my Doodle Booklets...It would make a quick stitchery or maybe even a punch needle piece. !!

Monday, November 7, 2011

*New* Primitive Skating Snowman Pattern !!

I am so excited to have been able to finish this snowman pattern in time for the holidays ! Seems like I didn't get a whole lot done for awhile and lately, I have been blessed with the desire and inspiration to create again !! Hope you likey ...

Primitive Skating Snowman

Primitive Skating Snowman

What better way to bring on the wynter Season than with a skating snowman !This is a super fun doll ...

Price: US$6.50

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Friday, November 4, 2011

What I've been up to and...a special Birthday...

Hello...I've been gone a while, well, I've been away longer before, but I have been pretty busy ...I even have a few pics to prove it...**see above...**
allthough I'm not sure if the pictures will be in order so you might have to just figure out which pic goes with which

1. re-arranged my wool again. It looks like my stash shrunk, but actually all I did was smoosh ot
2.I spent an entire day pulling threads apart, unraveling tangled floss and arranging according to colors( numbers).I was afraid I would never want to look at floss again after that..I should have taken before pics...yikes !!
3.I'm working on a new snowman doll and pattern. I've been making 2 of each for me, and one to sell...I'm happy how it's coming along...
3. I forgot to post pics of some of my Fall decor, now I am working on putting Thanksgiving decor out...
4.I'm still working on my Turkey punch needle.
5. And.... My beautiful baby, number 6 , is 18 years old today !! It's bittersweet you know...Het to see the last of my babies become legally an adult ?? But yet, it is exciting also... Here she is with freshly dyed hair and the ritual eyebrow't know what it is, but my daughters and even my daughter in laws end up with a new Momma L. eyebrow plucking on their birthday's.....????
Happy Fall Weekend everyone !!