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Primitive Folk Art Designs and Finished Items
By: Robin Leuschen

" Who you are is God's gift to you........ What you do, is your gift to God !"

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Jane...Stop this crazy thing !!!!

Those of you, old enough to have grown up watching " The Jetson's " Cartoon , will know what I'm talking about.... at the end of every episode, George Jetson is walking his dog Astro, on a new fangled device, a treadmill...( don't forget this cartoon was futuristic at the time )...Astro tricks George by getting off, and dragging George on the treadmill ...George then begins to get dragged under and around the treadmill track...He screams for his wife Jane..." Jane , stop this crazy thing !".
That, is my brain
I can't seem to make up my mind what I want to do first... I've sat quietly , trying to slow the thoughts and ideas down...This does help, but as I'm working on one thing, I start getting ideas for other things I want to work on... It isn't always creative necessarily....alot of times it is fix up projects around the house, or organizational tasks I've been putting off. I have my 2 daughter's at home right now. so many times, I do have the blessing of being able to delegate some jobs....
I have lots of ideas for new hooking and punch needle designs also, but I am sooo badly wanting to work on other folk's designs....So many talented designers, so many beautiful patterns I've ooohed and ahhed over when others do them up...
To be totally honest, well it is probably the way things were supposed to work out, to get me motivated to create...but, I only started creating my own designs at first, because I couldn't afford to buy other's patterns or handmades. add to my jumbled goings on in my brain....I did get out for a little bit on Saturday, and picked up a few things....
I saw a video that a friend of mine posted on FB, about a new line of watercolor markers, by Tim Holtz, and I was amazed !! Now, remember, I hated art ! I never took an art class, since the required once a week art session, mandatory in middle school.... I may have SOME natural ability in art, but I am totally clueless in the methods and practice of working in different art mediums...I have markers, but they are permanent....I've never used  watercolor markers....I've used watered down craft/acrylic paints.... oh and the cheapy kids stuff...
This video had me so curious and excited, I had to get me some , and some good watercolor paper, and even some walnut ink stain in a blotter bottle....I also got a small set of watercolor paints ( I do have some of the little kids solid watercolor sets, but they are hard for me to do anything with )

(Notice the handful of floss ? yeah...I was running low on certain is that possible, when I have a bin full of floss ??? )
I printed off my new banner I drew up for my blog ( did you see it ??) and played around with the markers and drawing the colors out to the edges , etc... I messed up the colors, but it was just a small experiment ...I'll do some more playing around after I get some of my necessary tasks finished.


I found a cute vintage slaw cutter or maybe just a slicer ?? not sure...with a red wooden handle, and some really small clear glass insulators...they are still kind of heavy, but I was thinking would make cute bases for some kind of make-do's...I cleaned them, but didn't soak in vinegar to get the rusty film out of them...what do you think, keep the rusty film to maintain the old look ?? ( sorry I didn't get a pic from the side so you really can't see the rusty film )

Finally...I did work on my new punch needle project a little , between other

Ok, it's back to the party in my
Have a great evening !!

Monday, February 18, 2013

Folk Art Rabbit punch needle design...finished fabric design..

It's been same 'ol same'ol around here lately. Nothing new and exciting, but that isn't a bad thing...i've started a new design for a punch needle pattern...I will say, that I think maybe I printed mine off a hare too small ( yes, pun ), but I decided to go ahead and give it a try...if I run into any real problems, i may need to print it out larger and re-trace and start all over again. I colored the doodle in on my paint program, as usual, but it isn't by any means the colors I will be sticking with. I just like to get an idea what the design will look like in color... Here is the VERY BEGINNING stages :
I forgot to post a picture of my colonial floral motif rug all finished up. It went on my Primitive Handmades Mercantile update, and it is sold. I played around a little with different shading on the date and flower container... I was happy with the end result.

I hadn't done any new fabric designs in awhile...So I was in a Springy mood the other day, and drew up a tulip for a new tulip-y ..

Have a great night ( didn't realize it's after Midnight already ).

Monday, February 11, 2013

Punch Needle Pattern finished....rug progress....I won ....and bought goodies...

Hello all !I Hope everyone is having a creative or at least a productive day ! I've just finished my newest punch needle pattern..." Fraktur Floral " ...The pattern will be available for purchase on my sidebar .... Here is the finished piece...
I am happy with how it turned out..hope you like it too !! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I managed to get some progress on my rug, and since the punch needle and pattern are finished, I'll be able to get back to it...I see a spot on the lower left side I hooked that I'm not even sure why I did've been "loopy" on my Ambien ...I have made a promise to my family to never use my sewing machine again late at night after taking my sleep med...I sewed my finger
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Guess what ???? I WON a sweet giveaway..Mindy Raymond of RaymondHomestead had a giveaway and I won it !! Look at this sweet wool applique hanging heart and matching wool mat :
Thank you Mindy !! I love them !! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I've been needing more wool...Bad !! so I decided i am going to dye some of the wool I have here that I'm not using because the color is just not anything I want... I didn't have many dyes, so I went to Laurie Lausen's Website Wooly Red Rug and bought a plethora of dyes...I had colors in mind, from one of my dye books and just bought what i needed to produce at least 5 new colors... I've been waiting to do this, after I've finished this rug I'm working on....Oh, and I purchased the new Spring Issue of Primitive Quilts and Projects from her also...
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~` A Few folks have been posting about some of their tools of the trade... Lori Brechlin of Notforgotten Farm had posted some lovely antique hooks she has...I don't have anything too old and my 2 hooks were gifted to me by Kelley Belfast ( Kankerdoodle)"With Hook and Needle" , I never would of started hooking rugs if it weren't for her encouragement and my first supplies... Thank you Kelley !! are my little scissors in a cleaned out candle jar and a cool wool lint felted ball pin cushion I got in a swap...oh, and some other tools for sewing, doll making...
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ok..that's enough for today...We have a HIGH WIND WARNING right now, so hoping I can get off here before our power goes Hugs, Robin

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

More Rug Progress...another Valentine Fraktur angel finish...

I've been working on my rug, here and there every day, but gosh, I am still so slow !! When will I be able to pick up the speed ??? do forget , that this is one of the bigger rugs I've hooked, along with the antique challenge rug that took me a year to finish ( I lost interest on that one , though ). Here is a picture of the progress so far :
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Here is another finish, a hooked rug, from my Valentine Fraktur Angel Design...this was hooked by Carole....Isn't it beautiful ?
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I cooked a few things over the weekend again, and amongst the goodies, was my all time favorite.. " Cheesy Potato Bacon Soup "....mmmm I could live on soup alone ....
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ And look at this sweet little note my 19 year old daughter left for me... My kids are all grown up, but it still tickles me to get handwritten or drawn notes from them....Oh gee...I wonder if I'm going to find a broken dish or knick knack somewhere...this could just be to soften me up a little......when did I get so supicious ??? Oh yeah...after I had 6 kids... lol
Good night... Robin

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Hooking...Punching, back and forth...and color ...

Last couple of days, I've just been working on my stuff here and there, back and forth between punching up my new design ( doing up the pattern as I go along ) and pulled a few loops on my rug, but not Here is the beginning of my new Fraktur style punched piece;
Front in 2 different lightings
A little more progress on my rug :
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Whilst working on those 2 things, I dug out my old clothes pins and started ,with the floss I'm using right now, to write the color# on the clothes pin and wind the floss on to them...I know, your supposed to use the newer ones with the spring to keep the floss from unwinding, but I like the old ones better .. :)
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~` Also...I try to keep up with Filing my Doodles and I was getting rid of old magazines...I tear out the pages I like and then file them by Seasons into folders, I do this with my doodles and patterns also, and I print off a colored in doodle , one of the four seasons, and tape over it with clear packing tape ( cheap )
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ And COLOR !! Remember I said, I find inspiration in all kinds of places ?...well, I noticed this today, and LOVE the colors and the combinations of the colors... The "vibrancy" of the colors aren't my cup of tea, I'd tone down a bit but here they are :
These are the sides of a Kmart Brand Tissue box....We got new boxes of tissues today...I have a different Primitive painted kleenex box cover in all of the rooms, so I just grab boxes of tissues cause they get covered up anyways, no need to match them ( yes I am weird like that...OCD's ....before I got all the covers, I HAD to have each tissue box I bought match the rooms they went into pathetic, huh ??? but ) My husband or daughter must've put this one inside the cover in my craft room...When I pulled the empty one out to replace it, I was so excited how pretty the colors were.... but, funny, now I look , and I'm using similar ..not exact, but similar colors and combinations in my 2 projects...Hmmmmm...maybe I remember seeing the box when I put it away into the pantry and it " inspired me subconciously " Well...that's it for tonight... Going to watch some recorded programs with Hubby ... Have a good night, Robin