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" Who you are is God's gift to you........ What you do, is your gift to God !"

Monday, December 22, 2008

Gone Quiet for Awhile...Cookie Baking Mission Complete !!

Trying to keep Taylor from playing around...she had tons of school work to do( I homeschool)

Cookies done !!! May do other baking...hmmm????

Friday, December 5, 2008

Winner of my Holiday Blessings Giveaway is.....

Cutting out all the names !

Putting them in my Frosty Hat :

And we have a WINNER ! :

Kim from Simple~Needs !! Congratulations Kim !!! I so wish I could just give all of you a nice prize !! Such wonderful, warm folks you all are !!!
Hugs to one and all !!!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Holiday Blessings Giveaway !!!

As promised, here is my gift to all of my wonderful bloggy friends !! You've all been such a source of inspiration, support, entertainment and just a pure JOY in my life !! So... leave a comment and PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE...leave your Email address so that I can contact you if you are the lucky winner !!! I will draw a name from the people that have left a comment, on Friday December 5th !!!
All of the goodies are brand new and sorry none are homemade but are from "Primitives By Kathy "....
Hugs to you all and Thank you for being my friends !!!

Sunday, November 30, 2008

NeedHelp and *Inspiration * with my Christmas decorating...

Here are some pics from last year :

Some years, I can just drag out my goodies and go to town...this year I feel overwhelmed and not knowing where to start...I have thinned out alot of my things...Changed my tastes a bit, but I do want to go too sparse or simpe and bland.... My tastes ran mor Country Primitive and Whimsical...and now I am going more for the early look , but with color and a little more meat to it...Am I making sense ??...Soooo...What I'm thinking, is this, ...I create little "vignettes" with what I like here and there in several corners or sections of the walls and on or in cabinets, instead of getting overwhelmed and trying to create that "overall" christmassy look, is that it ???
I don't have alot of nice primitive shelving or cabinets so I need to make do with what spaces and areas I do have.... here are some pics from last year...but like I said, I am going in a little bit different direction so ....any suggestions would be appreciated ....
ALSO....I am getting together a HUGE Giveaway...and also a seperate contest and opportunity to win a Christmas doll and stuff for anyone who purchases an EPattern this week.....I'll have pics and details tomorrow....

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Gift I made for Daughter In Law's Birthday

What a morning !! My oldest son brought all 4 of his boys out to the house along with my second oldest son and my other son my "Adopted" son...Jerome calls himself my " son of color" bought McDonalds breakfast and we hung out,,Well it was my Daughter in laws Birthday and My son was giving her some quiet sleeping in time as she worked late last night,,,,
So, I got an idea to make a special gift for her from her boys...She is a good Mommy and her boys adore their is so precious !!
So, I sat them down, they were being so silly and goofy I couldn't get a good serious picture, but I guess it was good, they were being themselves...they are happy, funny and loving little I printed the pic off onto muslin and made a pillow to hang from a peg,,,all the boys then signed the back, even little Justin who is just barely learning his abc' was so excited and proud and of course Grandma ( MeeMa is what they call me) couldn't resist telling him over and over what lovely work he does on his name . He just beamed !!!lol

My Daughter in Law , Lori called me shortly after my sons and Grandson's arrived home and she was almost in tears...she sooo loved her gift and the boys were so proud of it !!!
Then...hubby was up at 4:00 am and went to work to do a little overtime..He came home at around noon with a lovley surprise for me ...a Sweet gushy love card for me...and a Fall Arrangement for the table for Thanksgiving

...I love my Randy...He is the sweetest, kindest and most loving man to walk God's good earth...We were highschool sweet hearts and are still best friends.... I really have so much to be thankful for and I will be remembering this and telling my Lord this over and over on Thanksgiving Day and every day !!!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Some New Christmas Goodies For **SALE**

These are some of my newest goofies for sale.....

Chilly Snowman & Wool Tree

He is 12" tall from top of hat to bottom of his feet.Made from heavily stained osnaburg.Red flannel scarf, wool stitched eyes, nose and mouth, wool hat and his prim wooly tree!
Price : $ 24 Shipping Included
If interested Email Me @

Father Christmas Ornie

Father Christmas is perfect for your prim Christmas Tree or to hang from a peg.
Made from heavily stained osnaburg and has a red flannel coat and hood, warm n natural trim , wool beard ans eyebrows, little stitched osnaburg stotcking !
Price: $ 12 Shipping Included
If interested Email me @

"Glory" Christmas Star & Angel Pocket

Wonderful prim fabric, sanded and grubbied with little pocket conatining a little prim angel and the word "Glory" stamped on the front.
Measures 8" x 8".

Price: $16 Shipping Included
If intersted E Mail me @

Thursday, November 20, 2008

NEW *Chilly* Snowman & Wool Tree Pattern

Didn't have much energy today for some reason,so I decided to type up the pattern for this little guy...

Chilly Snowman and Wool Tree

Chilly Snowman and Wool Tree

Who doesn't love a snowman? This guy can be hung from a peg or rest on a shelf. He is so cute with ...

Price: US$5.00

Click for details

Thanks for taking a peek !!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Primitive Christmas Ornie Auction !!!

Wow ladies !! Here is another awsome Charity Auction for a Prim Sister.... There are 16 Prim Perfect Ornies, ( one is actually the amazing tree topper) the yummy delicious *Cinnabun* scented mini lights and a 20ft. Homespun YoYo Garland... The garland is just a little heavy for my smaller tree so I couldn't take a pic with it on the tree itself....Check out the AUCTION HERE .
Thanks for taking a peek and bid from your heart !!!

Monday, November 17, 2008

A Winter Wonderland !! & a new Santa Ornie ....

Wow...It snowed and snowed since yesterday afternoon..and before you knew it, we had a foot of snow....What a beautiful scene..I love it !! I went outside with my Youngest daughter and we shoveled for hubby late last night... I took a tumble on my big ol butt off the second step, but between my natural padding and the snow, nothing hurt, not even my was funny actually, except for the slight "twinge" I feel in my back today....
I guess it is cleaning and crafting for me today...How fun...all cozy in the house with the snow outside, and more to come today !!
And here is a new little Blesnickle Santa Ornie I designed...Gonna do up a pattern for hin too.... He is only 5 1/2 " tall, so perfect for your tree...I think his dark eyes make him look a little angry, so I am going to do up the next one with lighter floss for the eyes....

Friday, November 14, 2008

*NEW* Father Christmas Ornie Pattern

Just finished the pattern up for this little guy:

Father Christmas Ornie

Father Christmas Ornie

Nice little addtion to any Primitive Christmas Tree or even big enough to hang from a peg. Father ...

Price: US$5.00

Click for details

Hope you like !!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Who hasn't seen "The Stand" ???

Even if you don't particularly like Stephen King, I think if you've seen it, you gotta love the movie " The Stand" ...Well.....Imagine this ...
Cue music :
Camera wide, shot narrows to large black crow on fence:
Young Military officer at gate of military base answers phone.
Camera: narrow close up shot on face, cue audio:
Other end of the phone is military officer commanding young soldier at gate to shut and lock gate .." We're dropping like flies down here" !! Screaming loudly into phone !

Yes, that was the scene here at my home the past 2 days !!! Well, at least it felt like it !! My GARSH ...I have NEVER been that sick in my entire life !!! And it hit me so fast then without warning and showing absolutely NO MERCY it struck my poor hubby with intensified force and tried to circle back around and make a 2nd surprise sneak attack on me again !!! Yes,,, THE SUPER FLU
But, this was the uhhhuuummmm, lower GI kind with accompaning aches, pains , fever chills, nausea, headache, dizzy, shaky , weak and did I say aches and pains enough ???
I am better now, and hubby is too...He is going to make an attempt to go to work tomorrow..
The Culprit carriers of this nearly lethal virus ??? Some very precious and beautiful but dangerous children...If you have any little ones such as these or Grandchildren ( like mine) RUN ....Don't look back, don't even think about it...Save yourself..They look innocent enough, but looks are often and in this case are DECEIVING !!!!

Friday, November 7, 2008

I Won I Won !!!!

I had a whole big Post all finished up, went to do spell check and LOS IT ALL !!! I am soooo mad !!
Anyways.. I won this super ornie from A Time For Primitives Blog

Isn't he great ?? He was created by Candace at "Howling Moon Designs"
Then... I finished up one of my 2 Santa Ornies I was working on:

Had lunch with my baby sister ( she is 8 years younger than me) and had a great time with her, and my 2 daughters:

Also... Here is a pic of my Thanksgiving Ornies on my Tree... I bought the 2 Pilgrim Sitters last year...

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Another Freebie ..Days slip away from me ...

I keep thinking I'm going to have all kinds of fun, exciting, interesting things to tell you about and show you and lo and behold, the days just slip by and nuttin honey !!! So, how about in celebration of my BORING and lazy days, I offer another freebie, but sorry, it is a Christmas stitchery doodle from last year ....LOL...See how lazy ?? I can't even draw up a new creation....GEESH !!

Today was my youngest child's Birthday...Taylor is 15 years old..We went for a long ride and ended up in another nearby town and went to Ponderosa for dinner and even got to totally embarass her with the staff singing her a cute little ditty for her Birthday....LOL

Love ya Taylor !! you Goof Ball !!!

Friday, October 31, 2008

**FREE Thanksgiving Ornie Pattern ** Come and get it !!

Ahhhh...I love today....Because after tonight, I can get excited about thanksgiving and then Christmas .. I don't like Halloween ...Don't hit me or "boo" me.... I LOVe Fall... I love pumpkins and scarecrows and cats and bats ....LOL..but I just don't like Halloween... I will specify... I don't like what it "originally " stood for...even if you believe it was a religious holiday, which it was, it celebrated the dead, not the living... So... with that said, I am so excited about tomorrow being the start of my true "Holiday Countdown" that I am offering my Turkey Ornie Pattern for FREE, but for a limited time get it while you can !!

FREE Thanksgiving Turkey and Cornstalk Ornie
FREE Thanksgiving Turkey and Cornstalk Ornie

Special Sale !! Perfect for Thanksgiving decorating of that Ornie Tree or to hang from a peg. This ...
Price: FREE!
Click for details

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Just a pic out my back door and ...

I took a quick pic yesterday out of my back door, trying to capture the wet snow falling...I was on the phone with my buddy Robby in Scotland and wanted to show her, but didn't capture much except the leaves all over my yard...LOL

Also... I realized that my Blog List doesn't update unless I post a new figured I would just post this pic and say hello .....

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Robby's Stocking Get together Project ..

Hi all !! I was sad to not be able to participate in the crafting that went on, Sunday afternoon at Grace's home, but Robby did give me her project all wrapped and ready to go before I left the get together Saturday evening, so yesterday I finished it up...

Robby had allready sewn up the stocking itself, but supplied the drawing for the bird, the bells and floss.. I traced mine on some muslin seperately and used warm an natural for backing , then stitched it onto the stocking... I stuffed it slightly and added a little string for hanging.. Thank you Robby... It is a super cute stocking ! I love it !!

I'm working on cleaning my craft room thoroughly today, then it's time to start on Christmas goodies !!!
Have a great, blessed, fun filled, constructive day !!!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Lancaster Pics !! Awsome Time !!...

Up at 4:00 am and on the road by 6 am

Well, all I can say is this...When you go to Lancaster county , Pa. and drive through the little towns like Bird in Hand and Intercourse, if you are a lover of anything Primitive, you will be on sensory overload. My head cannot do a 360 degree turn, but let me tell you, I sure as heck tried more than once !!!...LOL...

You couldn't even begin to go into all the little Prim Shops on the main drag, but the places I did go were sure FINE for me !!!
Even with all the wonderful prims and sites smells and awesome food, nothing and I mean NOTHING compares to the experience of meeting true "Kindred Spirits" in the flesh !!!
The girls that I met up with were nothing short of heavenly beings in earthly bodies....Oh boy how corny and shmoozy huh??...But I really felt that way..I was so nervous meeting up with the girls , just call it my weirdness and insecurity, but I should have known better.... They just "oozed" love, acceptance and FUN FUN FUN !!!
We laughed and enjoyed talking about everything including our biggest common bond, "primitives of all sorts" of course. We crafted and ate together and had a good ol' time !!
The first day consisted of meeting up at Primitives By Kathy ... I had never been in a wholesale warehouse full of nothing but primitive goodies before, so wow, did I say wow ?? We went to another wholesale store called AT Imports and it was wall to wall prim and just plain craft supplies of all sorts. Next was another warehouse which, I am not even going to say the name of cause I was angry that they wouldn't let me use my Tax ID number in there and the girl was snooty so I didn't even pick out anything and slip it into someones elses cart for them to purchase for me
Next, it was off to check into the most awesome amazing Hotel, " The Amish View" Inn and Suites...

It was absolutely lovely and I would recommend it to anyone planning a trip down there.The room was just beautiful and the view from out window was an Amish farm and fields being harvested..It was theeeeeee best !! Ok, so off to dinner at the "Family Cupboard" Buffet ....Delicious food and then the fun stuff...we swapped goodies we each whipped up ..... I love prim goodies and surprises !!

Ok, so then I was off to the most amazing and I do mean AMAZING Primitive shop called "Family Creations" Super Dee Duperty Prim and antiques !! Hubby and Taylor went back to the room and watched television and played on their computers and slept... We had a fun class making a small lighted prim Christmas tree in a tin cup and all the fixin's

.... From there it was back to the hotel
I was pooped from the first day of shopping, the trip down , and absolutely NO SLEEP that first night, so the second day, Saturday, was a bummer for me and I just tried to rest a little and hubby, Taylor ( my youngest daughter) and I, just went to Wal Mart for a few needfuls, ate lunch/ dinner and I managed a 1 1/2 nap ....The restaurant that we ate at, was called "Plain & Fancy" and was actually right there next to the hotel and is part of the same company... It was a new and fun experience. They had what they called the Amish "feast" All the foods were served after the big long table was filled up with folks and then we passed each item around and back and forth like a "Family" Thanksgiving Dinner ...At first it was a little uncomfortable, but once that good home cooked food started comin' , the eating and the friendly chatter started...
Later that evening , hubby dropped me off at Grace's home ( which, why I didn't snap photo's of this VERY " drool worthy" Prim Home I don't know ??)and we all sat and worked on a fun altered art book and had pizza and laughed and played with our supplies and had more fun fun fun !!

Sunday came too soon and while the other gals crafted some more at Grace's house and then took their leave, I was on the road back home at 10:30 am ...
Robby came the farthest ( from Scotland) and we had spoken on the phone so many times, but in person she was just the warmest, funniest, most loving creature !! She is the cutest thing and Taylor just gravitated right to her too...I felt this warm soft hand on my shoulder when I was standing at the counter at Primitives By Kathy and didn't even have to turn around, I just felt the love and sure enough it was my Robby Gal !!!.... Grace truly fits her name..She is Gracious !! and fun and funny !! Omg, I almost peed my pants a few times laughing at her little stories,,one of them of all things, the dreaded " Post Office" Personnel !!!!! ...LOL... Oh Grace .." I love ya !" Thank you sooo much !!!
Sandy is a Hoot and so warm and friendly and just so loveable .... You can't be in the same room and not feel welcome and comfortable. I spoke with her on the phone a few times and just from those few conversations I knew she was a dear person, but in person...oh yeah.. did I allready mention she is A HOOT !!! ..LOL ....
Sandy brought her friend Lori and she was such a sweety pie !! she is a true prim gal and was super friendly and easy to talk to and we sat next to each other during our crafting time and I was just so at ease and sooooo enjoyed her company..she is going to come and join the P&R Forum, so, "Lori ...I'm gonna be on the look out for ya girl !!!" .
Kim was just such a cute little thang !! My goodness girl...I won't say how old she is, but let's just say, she is *%#^%% ???? and I only wish I looked half as young and as good as her.... Yep, cutey patootie for sure !! And we had a great time with her awsome Altered Art Book Project...She had everything all ready to go and so on top of it all....she sat on the other side of me and we had a great time chatting and she was so encouraging , as I am what you would call " art handicapped " I just can't see IT !! But she insisted I could do it !!!...LOL
And so...I am just overwhelmed with the love and friendship of these gals...Oh and are some goodies I got too !!!

Here is a pic of the goodies I made to take to give to the gals. I found the free pattern from "Buttermilk Basin" for the wool applique, in the December 2006 Create & Decorate Magazine.

Love to the girls !!!