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Primitive Folk Art Designs and Finished Items
By: Robin Leuschen

" Who you are is God's gift to you........ What you do, is your gift to God !"

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

*Just a peek* she's doll for a new pattern...

Just thought I'd give a small peek at a new doll I'm working on. She will be a new Fall pattern....Sorry, hope this is still is nekked as a jay bird, except her shoes and socks...But , I'm still deciding on the fabric for her clothes and accessories.
**** I forgot to mention something about this dolly...she is RAG STUFFED ! yes, those skinny little arms were the dickens to stuff...with pieces of cloth...uggghh ****

Sunday, August 28, 2011

*Freebie Doodle* "Jack and Cat

I realized I haven't offered a freebie for awhile..Shame on me ! hope you like it !

Friday, August 26, 2011

Harvest Thyme Doodle Booklet available for sale on Pattern Mart...

Harvest Thyme Doodle Booklet

Harvest Thyme Doodle Booklet

This has 5 patterns and a little extra smaller ones,perfect for your Fall/Autumn decorating. These ...

Price: US$5.00

Click for details

I decided to color all of the patterns available in the booklet and shrink them down,combine them all and give you a peek at what's inside.Hope you like !!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Soooo beebee is growing up so fast...

Need I say more ? He is my doll baby !!

Coming Soon...Fall Thyme Doodle Booklet !

Hey...guess what ? I was so encouraged by the wonderful responses to my ponderings about continuing to draw up my own designs, that I decided YES ! I will continue, because this is who I am ! I love creating and if even 1 or 2 people enjoy my designs, then I will keep at it ! So, after being up almost all last night, I decided to draw and color and I have the cover finished and I'm almost done with a new Fall Thyme Doodle Booklet....Now to get some

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

As Fall nears, I am struggling with some things.....

I have been involved and creating and designing primitive dolls, stitcheries, wool projects and now my drawings are used for punch needle and rug hooking,oh....I have had a few painters use my designs to paint on wood also, going at it since 2002.
I've never gotten rich doing this, and partly because I can't get myself to charge upwards of $7 - $11 and more per pattern.I've been scolded for giving away so many freebie drawings, that they could be being sold for profit. But my fun has always been to make some folks happy to have a freebie design to make and possibly sell so they can make a few bucks for themselves.Is that bad business ?
Other things are nagging at me. One , is the copy cat scandals. Thankfully, I haven't had a problem with this getting too serious, but...I have seen plenty of copying of my designs , too many times to keep track of, and I sit back and complain about it, get it off my chest , then drop it. Once again, bad business ?
I don't know how many of you remember me from my old Store and website " Me My Shelf & I Designs" ?....I mostly made one of a kind designs by me and sold alot of dolls, santas, angels, ornies you name it, and even my finished items I sold at about 25% -40%
less than what most other doll makers were selling theirs for. Most of them were'nt award winning creations, but many were unique, quality original and made with much care. I started to come into my own and eventually became popular for my unique style, others would comment that they knew a doll was made by me because my dolls had that certain look. it didn't take long and soon I noticed alot of creations looking so much like my own, it couldnt be mistaken, but these folks did their design into a pattern and voila, i felt like the copycat.
I have designs I've come out with going back to 2003 and can look today and see " new" patterns coming out that look almost exactly like my older designs,....I wont go to the person/persons and confront about it, is that bad business ? dilemma is this, there are only so many ways a pumpkin or a cat or a crow or a scarecrow or flowers and wording can be drawn and eventually, you've come up with something that resembles another persons design, totally subconciously.Is that copying ??
I would love to be creative once again and come up with some new designs for fall, but I am so afraid that they will come out looking like the other 1,000 jack o' lanterns , cats, fall foliage etc out there and I will feel sick inside as though someone will take me for a copycat.
I've thought about not doing designing anymore, and while I will enjoy creating projects from others patterns, I will always have a pit in my stomach wondering if I could have furthered myself, been recognized and asked to design for a company ( which has been my dream )....With all the wonderful talented ladies out there that are prim famous for their work, I know I don't hold a light to them, but what if ???
I am sooo torn about this and guess I wanted to vent and maybe get some feed back...if you do comment, please, be honest. Dont be afraid of hurting my feelings, but speak honestly.....
Here are some past creations of mine that ended up as free projects in a magazine ( I was accused of copying, yet I made and sold my doll on ebay 4 years earlier....I even had a lady on FB comment that oh, I must have made it using the pattern from the can I? it was made 4 years before this particular issue came

Belsnickle Santa Ornie I designed in 2008 and made a pattern of last year.

This is a one of a kind hallween stocking I made and sold years ago and someone came out with the pattern for one very similar last year.

Here is one of my patterns I just came out with 2 years ago, and I just saw in the newest newsletter PatternMart, another pattern designer has come up with her own that looks so much like this, my husband thought it was my pattern...

I could go on and on.... but do you see my frustration? do I continue to create my own designs and either risk making something someone else can claim as thier ow, I wiuld be so embarassed, and would never do it intentionally, or constantly see my designs being copied and shut sit back as I've done and just hush.....
I just want to have fun and be creative, but I am worrying over this all the time. I want my designs to be unique and fun, but I would die if I were to step on anyone elses toes and create something that is similar to theirs.....

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

PLEASE PLEASE I need your help finding this !!!

I am on the hunt for this shower curtain ! I ordered and received the trash can and ordered the shower curtain from 3 separate online stores and have been informed they are out of stock and distributor is out place said that they won't be getting them until Nov. and I have already started to change up my bathroom and decorating "around " this shower curtain...It is called " Simplify" and is made by Blonder. If anyone knows of any online store that has any IN STOCK, please, please contact me !! I will be forever grateful !!!
Thank you so much in advance !!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Wow..3 days in a row !

I am breaking a record somewhere aren't I ? lol ...I was going to start a project from the new Primitive Quilts and Projects Magazine, but decided since I had the kit together to start a Maggie B. design from the last magazine, I would do this one up first then start on the new ones which are mostly Fall Theme.My 29 year old son came in and asked what I was doing, and he was pleasantly surprised to see me working on a prim project.......He knows I'm always happiest when I'm creating....Pics of finished project will come..
Hugs to all !!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

New pics of Grandson Keegan Rory Michael Heise...

Wow...he is growing so fast !! I think maybe he is going to be a redhead ?? Any others think so too ??? :) He will be 3 months old this little man...

Monday, August 8, 2011

Gone Too Long......Got Some Inspiration

Well Hello !! Should I re-introduce myself ? Wow...I never expected to be away for so very long. I wanted to get on and just gab , but didn,t have to say.... I get in a slump here and there, but this was just a nothing much going on time.
I am getting excited for Fall and cooler weather. I HATE Summer and the heat. My idea of a perfect change of seasons would be this: Winter-> Spring-> Fall-> Fall
I purchased a few things that I KNOW would get some creative juices flowing and help get me into the Fall/Autumn mode.
The new issue of Primitive Quilts and Projects Magazine is da bomb ! So many wonderful designs ! then, I bought myself Need'l Love's "Falloween" thread's great also and, the gal from Need'l Love sent me the "Give Thanks" booklet as a Thank You ...needless to say I was more than excited !'s hoping it doesn't take me almost 2 months to post again.
P.S. I will for sure post a pic if I get any projects from these awsome books done !