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By: Robin Leuschen

" Who you are is God's gift to you........ What you do, is your gift to God !"

Friday, July 13, 2012

Freebie for fall.....

Hi everyone. I've been on the crazy train here a little, but most of it is for good reasons...I'm trying to discipline myself to finish up some goodies to add to Teresa's Booth ( Teresa'a Primitive Treasures) for the show she is doing right here in Erie , Pa. !!! It's called "Discover Presque Isle" days....We are blessed to have an awesome penninsula that juts out from our shores into Lake Erie, and it has 12 beautiful beaches on it. There are so many other great things, bike trails, nature watching.....
This is a great show and I'm so excited to be able to spend some time with Teresa !! I met her at Discover Presque Isle about 5 or 6 years ago, after being prim pals on PrimMart....She is the nicest, sweetest gal and her work and her goodies are out of this world !!
Here is just a little freebie I drew up for a kind of Preview to fall .....Enjoy !!

Friday, July 6, 2012

First Halloween Doodle Booklet of the year....

Ahhhhh....nothing like thinking of Fall when the temps are in the 90's ...Have I said it ENOUGH, how much I DESPISE summer !!???? God forgive me....All seasons of the year are wonderful and it's part of living here instead of Antarctica , so just bear with me....I have central A/C, but I hate feeling like I am a shut in... I don't get out alot any other time of the year...but in the Summer, I almost have no choice....The heat kills me...It might have something to do with the ^&%^#%$$ extra pounds I carry's like wearing a fur coat....
I just HAD to start designing Halloween doodles to keep myself occupied ....
Here is a sample of the doodles that are inside :
Thanks for peeking !!

October Nights Halloween Doodle Booklet

October Nights Halloween Doodle Booklet

This booklet contains 5 Halloween Doodles, perfect for stitchery, punch needle, rug hooking or wool ...

Price: US$6.00

Click for details

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy Independence Day !! and please vote for my fabric ???

Hope everyone is enjoying their holiday... I always enjoyed any and every holiday simply for the fact that Hubby had a day off....He's kinda like my best friend...I know sappy...yada

I just wanted to remind some and inform any tohers of the Fabric Of The Week Contest over at Spoonflower ...This week is " Stars and Stripes...The Design I entered is my "Liberty and Freedom" Design

Here is a closer clook...

This is hand drawn and painted in watercolors....
you can vote HERE
 you must go through all 21 click on your choice and a green square comes up around the image, then continue looking at the rest...At the end it shows you your selection and gives you the option to cast your vote.....
Now....I am not just asking you to go and vote for me...If you like my design then yes please vote !!
You can vote for others as well....
Laurie of Wooly Red Rug has a design in the competition also, so please cast your vote for her as well...
Her design is called " Indigo Stars"....
Thank you in advance...and have a fun and happy day !!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Birthday Game Giveaway Winners .....

Hi Everyone !! Busy morning, so I apologize for not getting to this sooner !
But first...
I wanted to show you a pic of Ashley's ( my oldest daughter) first rug hooking project. she did some practice circles and a square before doing this Bird Design I traced from one of last years  simple summer doodles.. The colors are not what she would normally have chosen...way too bright, but she wanted to use wools that I'm not using alot of ......Mistakes....yes...but she thoroughly enjoyed doing it, and I noticed alot of improvement and relaxation as she went on...She is excited to try something else, and so am I !!
I had a great Birthday yesterday !! It was just easy going and a quick trip to a yard sale where hubby got a scroll saw , blades and a booklet of tons of patterns for $10 !! Can't wait to see some neat things he does with it !!
Then a cookout at my son Josh and DIL's Hannah's house for dinner ... Nice and relaxing ...
I have some super excitiing news, that is to me, like a Birthday present from my heavenly father ! hard to divulge info yet, but I will soon, promise...Let's just say, it has to do with our living
So.... I took the count from the comments ( 25) and ran it through Random Generator 3 are the numbers :

So that means that :  Jacqueline
                               Wooly Red Rug ( Laurie)
                               Wendy @ Ravenwood Whimzies
ARE THE WINNERS !!!! Congratulations Ladies !!!
 Jacqueline will be receiving the Liberty Doll ( Sweet Pea Primitive's Pattern) and some of my New fabric design swatches.
Wooly Red Rug ( Laurie) will be receiving some nice sized pieces of wool in Halloween colors !!
And, Wendy @ Ravenwood Whimzies will be receiving 2 fat quarters of my new fabric designs and small bag of Cinnamon Scented Rose Hips and cinnamon sticks !!

Some of the guesses were really sweet and ...wait...toooo sweet !!!
I enjoyed reading all of the comments of course but here are some facts about lil 'ol me :
I was born in 1958 ..... 2 months early. I only weighed 3 lbs when I was born, and was hospitalized in an incubator for 6 weeks after my birth. I  feel very blessed when my Birthday comes around, just thinking that premature babies didn't have a very good survival rate 54 years ago ... My Dad always says I was actually very healthy and no problems , even my breathing, just too small to come home..
 I almost was born in the car on the way to the hospital...I was born in the exam room in the ER ...
I almost had to wear leg braces like Forrest Gumps, as my feet were turned inward and I walked on the insides of my feet, but 2 years of Orthopedic shoes ( ugly huge heavy oxfords) cured it ?? I remember when I was finally able to wear my first pair of Red Ball Jets sneakers like the other kids !!!!! too funny ...
I played the lead in Oklahoma( Laurie) in our School Musical and my hubby played the male lead (Curly)
We were actually going together before the tryouts...oh it was a fun time !!!

I wanted to learn to play the trumpet like my Father...He thought it was too masculine...He tried to get my brother to, but he hated it !!
In 10th Grade, I snuck my Dad's trumpet to school, went to the band director and asked him, if I learned how to play the trumpet, would he let me in the band ?? He said ok ( thinking it wasn't going to happen )...
I talked one of the trumpet players in the band allready, to teach me the scale and the proper finger placemement ..... 2 weeks later I was playing 3rd string trumpet in the school band...In my Senior year I went to District Band for French Horn .... Simple determination ...
Someone said their guess was I've never flown on a plane...I have quite a few times actually...Sadly first time was when I was pregnant with my second child...It was to fly back home to Erie,Pa. from Anaheim, Ca. for my brother's funeral...He had been killed in a car accident drinking and driving ..... I was grieving, pregnant, scared by myself, but had to do it .....
Someone else's guess was that I was an artistic child...Oh so wrong !!! My  Mother was an artist...Sold her paintings all over the area...She also was a substitute art teacher at the Catholic Grade School I attended...
I HATED ART !!!!!!!  no...I  LOATHED it !! I sucked at it !! I couldn't draw a straight line or an even circle to save my life...Nuns yelled at me for my sloppy art projects ...My Mom just laughed...she figured I  had other talents and art just wasn't one of them...That is why to this day..I cringe when I call myself an joke ! it just doesn't feel right.....something almost un-natural about it !!!
That's enough about me !!! I've got stories to tell !! but that's another Ladies who won I will be emailing you to get your addresses to send out your prizes..
Thank you for playing along with me !!!