Bird In The Hand Primitives

Primitive Folk Art Designs and Finished Items
By: Robin Leuschen

" Who you are is God's gift to you........ What you do, is your gift to God !"

Thursday, July 17, 2014

If I had a hammer .... I'd hammer in the evening...

Hello folks.... Well hubby has a hammer and he used it good the other day. 
Remember I told you this house was built in 1963 ? Well, they did things different then.... And oh what a frustration that can be to my husband many times
 working on this house. Of course we are dealing with plaster walls instead of dry wall. The house has settled and it's out of square. Just so much fun. 
We got some things finished and I can't wait to show you. 
First off , the kitchen floor had ugly blue indoor/outdoor carpet. It wasn't original of course but it's been there for at least 25 years. Gotta go !!! We ripped that up and then started taking the counter top apart. I'm trying the old refinishing for that. Don't have the funds right now to replace it. Hubby also has to replace the water valves underneath, and we have a new sink and also putting in new faucet. 
Well, in the corner was a nice little lazy Susan. It's functional, but I needed to get it apart to clean it and paint it. 
Hubby's struggled for quite a bit to get it out and finally had enough. I gave in and said, " just rip it out, we'll figure out what to do with it after that "!
Handy Randy was more than happy to comply. 
Here is a pic of the kitchen before we did much. Wallpaper was off in a few spots and that was it. 

Then, some demolition began. Wallpaper removal, lights taken down, tile removed, you name it. 
We also began sanding and priming the cabinets. 

Ugly paneling !! 52 years of heavy smoking ... Nicotine imbedded in the wood. But I decided to scrub it and paint primer on it. It's still bleeding through a bit but I know eventually it will be ok. Just didn't want to deal with the holes that ripping it off a plaster wall would do. 

Notice lazy Susan in the corner. Lol

Lazy Susan Gone !!!

Now onto a nice finish. 
There used to be a small half wall in front entryway. Hubby removed that. We scraped the old linoleum and tar they used to adhere it to the floor with and sanded down to the hardwood. 
The wall behind the television had hideous plastic fake brick and wow. Talk about wanting it to not come off. The glue that was on this stuff was like gorilla glue in steroids !!! Nothing would take it off !! Tried mineral spirits, heating and scraping, sanding you name it. 
Finally decided to put up beadboard 3/4 of the way up the wall. Hubby then put skim coat over the rest of the wall with the adhesive. 
I'm so proud of my husband !!
We are on a limited budget, and we both wanted a nice ledge on top of the beadboard. 
We have some scrap wood and trim I've saved for projects , so we ripped a big piece down the center to make a 3 1/2" ledge. Then Handy Randy took his router and made a nice edge and sanded down     
We painted the wall and trim etc with a few coats of primer. 
Now, we've learned that prepping is everything. 
Spent an entire day taping of the living room. And then ta da painting commenced and was quickly finished. So here are some pics. 

Notice what is on the tv ? We've had the pleasure of babysitting my 2 year old Grandson while a lot of renovations are going on. 

All of the outlets, light switches and plates have been replaced. Also all of the vent covers have been washed, sanded and re painted. 
Then.... I took the ceiling fan apart and spray painted the hardware with a rubbed bronze and re painted the dark wooden blades. 

Now, on to the kitchen again. Bathroom is in progress also. Pics to come soon !!
Say a prayer we get things finished soon !!!

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

A few more items for sale ...

This is a little set I made from my own design years ago when my business name was Me My Shelf and I Designs. It was my first experiment with wool felt. 
The doll tucked inside was made by Robyn Regan and is a TFC FolkArt design. The stitchery pillow is also included. 

Paypal Only
Price: $20

Moving and gotta downsize sale !!

Well, with moving comes the fun of packing up and realizing our new home is smaller. Soooo, I'm downsizing and so my loss might be your gain. Lol
I've put some of these gatherings on my FB page , but I've decided to lower the prices so guess I'll be deleting them from FB. 
Just contact me through the comments if interested. First come first served. 
Here's a cute little gathering of old blues. 
Nice and primitive. 
Paypal Only
Price: $20

Here's another little gathering of Americana. The Annie is from one of my patterns as well as the little Betsy Ross. Minus her cap. Cute little wooden bunny on wheels. 
Paypal Only
Price: $20

I found the other little Betsy Ross. 
So I will add her to the grouping FREE ! Still. $20 for Americana grouping. 

This is a few of my handmade birds in blues and a cute primitive sign. 
Paypal Only
Price : $20

I'm going through more things as I go along so stay tuned. 

Friday, July 4, 2014

Work on house continues ...

Hello and Happy 4th of July to all !!
Our celebration of the holiday is just to keep on truckin along and finish things here and there..... Eyes on the prize !!! Lol
I neglected to take so many before pictures, not really thinking I'd like to do a work in progress for my blog, but I do have photos that will give at least an idea of the way things were. 
 Back before Memorial Day, my sister and I had our appt with the attorney , to finalize the signing over of the house. 
Her and her hubby came up from NC for a few days... She used to come and spend weekends with my Dad quite a bit, and even had one of the artillery rooms as her bedroom for visits. 
We had started gutting and painting things well before they came up and her "Room" was one of projects underway, but a very small bedroom was in my mind for a guest room , so I put a rush job on this room to get it completed for her and her husband to stay in it rather than pay for a hotel room. 
Now, I LOVE my primitive look, but I wanted to step outside my box and make the guest room a little more modern or cottage chic maybe. 
When I brought home the paint everyone I know gasped !!! This color is not me. 
Not at all. !! But as you will see, I think it turned out great and I'm glad I did it. !!
The dressers are antiques that were, I believe ,my Grandparents and were passed on to my Dad. 
I went with a cheapy quilt set from Kmart for now , and the light fixture is something I saw on Craigslist and had to have. It was intended for my kitchen when I bought it , but that was ages ago... I remembered I had it packed away and bought the new vintage blue jars to replace the clear mason jars. 
This also happened to be made by a friend of my hubby's from work, his wife. 
I showed the picture of the light to him when I saw it and he said hey, that's Sam in the pic. Small world. 
So without further ado ... The only room in the house that is completed. Lol

       The colors look horrible when I post the pic !!

  The wall color is more like an aqua. 

Ok, this house was built in 1963. The front door my Dad had was the original door... It wasn't even a solid door, but a hollow core door , so I'm surprised it held up all these years. 
This door was starting to warp and about 3 of the ten coats of paint were peeling. 
My OCD's and just plain teeny bit of home decorating senses I got were reeling everytime I had to look at it. 
So, on my first list was a new door. 
Well they didn't make things like they do now and actually , these walls are thicker , so we had to order the door from Lowes because they had to custom make the jamb and trim. 
I forgot to get a before pic of the door ON , but remembered to snap a pic if it leaning against the outside before it went to the burn pile. 
I waited a month for this door. Nothing spectacular, but I love it a lot ! You'll see I started priming the trim in the entry way. 
There was a small half wall by the entrance also. Hubby took that out and removed the 1960's linoleum that was on the floor .. It had to be chiseled away and then what resembled tar paper underneath had to be melted with a small torch, scraped and sanded. 
I hope my descriptions make sense. 
I'm doing this all from my phone and it's hard not seeing the pics in front of me as I write. Also , please excuse typos as my hands are so sore so fingers aren't cooperating. Lol
Here are pics :

                 OLD DOOR

               Handsome Hubby

                       NEW DOOR


Well, much work to be done. Today we are working on a wall in the living room ...
That description and what was on the wall , and pics to come next post. 
Have a great day and weekend !