Bird In The Hand Primitives

Primitive Folk Art Designs and Finished Items
By: Robin Leuschen

" Who you are is God's gift to you........ What you do, is your gift to God !"

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Where to start ?.......,

These past 6 months have been so very busy. I can almost see the light at the end of the tunnel ....
After my Dad's passing in December, I had the task of cleaning out his home. It was so hard at first , just so many memories. We spent everyday together for almost a year.... Laughing, crying, eating meals together. 

Everything I was supposed to be sorting through, his vast collection of fishing, archery hunting and guns , reminded me of all the stories he told me of his adventures. I was constantly reminded of the heart breaking moments I saw my Father cry.  Knowing he would no longer enjoy his most favorite pastime. 
When I say he owned vast collections, it is no exaggeration ! I painstakingly sorted through arrows, arrowheads,fishing lures, rods, reels,cammoflauge jackets ,hats vests ,gloves, boots, sweatshirts,long johns , socks and even cammoflauge handkerchiefs. 
Two rooms were specifically dedicated to all things hunting and fishing. 
Halfway through the clean out process, my sister and I had to make the decision to put the house on the market as is or do some renovations first. First thing we did was get an appraisal of the home and  property. 
My sister approached me about the possibility of taking the home. 
After some soul searching and sensible deductions, I felt it best I buy out her part and acquire  the house. 
Believe me, I would have loved to receive a size able amount of money from the inheritance, but there is a scripture in Proverbs that says, " A fool and his money are soon parted". Having such a large family and never having the opportunity to be a saver or be smart with money.. It always left my hand too soon for numerous expenses, I admit I am a FOOL when it comes to money and it would have trickled through my fingers quicker than trying to keep a tight grip on a handful of jello. Lol 
Hubby and I are getting up there in years so the chance to own our own home mortgage free sounded the safest most secure way for us to go. 
So, after most items were passed down, donated and junk was sorted and tossed, we decided the first item of business was the basement. There is a small water issue , but the entire basement hadn't been attented to in years. There was a lot of mold( thankfully not the dangerous type of black mold)so clearing it out completely and power washing , painting and even tearing down of a few walls was the beginning of a lengthy process. 
I plan to show before and after progress as we go. 
We've completed a few rooms so far. 
I've been so consumed with all the work and getting overwhelmed at times, but it is a labor of love. I moved into this home when I was 4 years old and moved out the day I got married at 18. 
I know my Dad would be happy to have it  stay in the family , and that makes me especially happy. 
It is structurally sound but needs lots of updating .
Now on to some pictures. 
I didn't get photos of the basement before we cleared it out down to the bare bones, but believe me when I say it was full and dirty and moldy. My poor Dad just didn't have it in him to do anything with it for years but was too proud to ask for help or let anyone else take on the task while he was alive. 
Here are pics of before we pressure washed and painted. 

Actually I think some power washing was going on in these first photos , but here are pics of after the painting was done with an airless spray painter. There is much more work to be done to the basement , but that will come after we get settled in.

Do you see it ?? The one goody I found down there. The HUGE crock. It has a blue four leaf clover on it but I forgot how many gallons. I love it. It will be coming upstairs soon. 
Stay tuned. We have more things completed, but I'm saving those pics hoping to get back to posting regularly. 
Hugs to all !!