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" Who you are is God's gift to you........ What you do, is your gift to God !"

Friday, December 30, 2011

Awesome Giveaway Prize !!

How blessed am I ?? I won WoolenSails (Debbie)giveaway on her blog....I love everything and canot wait to display it all !! I take my Christmas decorations down the day after New Year's, I am chomping at the bit now !
Thank you so much Debbie !!
I am working on a new Valentine's Day Wool Applique Mat,..the wool that I just won will go perfectly....
I hope evryone has a happy and SAFE New Year's Eve !!
Hugs to one and all,

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

*New* Valentine Doodle Booklet, a **FREEBIE** doodle and an Announcement !!

I am so bad ! I never even wished everyone a Merry and Blessed Christmas...Well it's still officially the Holiday "Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year "..
How many of you have stripped the house of Christmas decorations already ? I'm waiting till the day after New Years Day....I am always a little melancholy on that day...But....I've started new projects to keep me moving forward, so it shouldn't be too bad this year...My first completed project is the " Thyme for Valentine's Doodle Booklet" ...I think you'll like the doodles inside and the cover doodles are perfect for little stitched pillows or small punch needle mats....

Thyme For Valentines Doodle Booklet

Thyme For Valentines Doodle Booklet

There are plenty of cute, primitive Valentine's Day doodles in here. I've included a blank front ...

Price: US$5.00

Click for details

Here is a little Freebie doodle, and I'm sure I'll have some more Valentine themed freebies as the days go by:

Now for my announcement ... I've teamed up with Teresa Miller of " Teresa's Primitive Treasures" ( I'm really just helping out here and there, she is the brains behind the project and does all the to start up a new primitive selling group / blog called "Primitive Handmades Mercantile".
So far we've got quite a few artists signed on and folks, there is going to be some wonderful primitive goodies for sale on it ! We've got primitive doll makers,rug hookers,punch needle artists and pattern designers. Every month there will be a theme related to a season coming up in the next month.
The Grand Opening will be January mark your calendars and bookmark us !!
Hope everyone is happy, healthy and blessed!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

More decorations....

Just have a few more pics of some rooms....It doesn't seem like I did much, until it's time to take it all down and pack it away....
Here's a Belsnickle I made from a "All Through The Night" Pattern:

A little Christmas cheer in the small bathroom:

My craft room at night:

A very small, awkward wall in my living room ( guess I smeared the mirror when I cleaned it...oooops, lol)

And.....Last but not at all least...gotta have a pic of Keegan Rory ( youngest little man)Look who else is ready for Christmas...

Goodnight all !! Who knows...I might have some more pics???

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Enjoying the a little cleaning....

I finished baking Sunday, and took my own advice...I sat and watched a few Hallmark Christmas movies...I am so blessed to have a hubby who actually LOVES the Hallmark Christmas movies...He will sit and watch one after the other ...without
Here are a few pics of a little decorating here and there...I would love to have all antiquey or old timey Christmas decor, but the budget doesn't always allow for replacing the old with something different....I gave a TON of my decorations away to my DIL last year and my daughter this year, so maybe I need to start thinking ahead next year and checking out Ebay and other primitivs sites to get some new ( older decorations before the holiday is upon us...
The first pic is just a look out my front door...notice the dent in te door ?? Moving does that never did anything aout i, I've wantedto paint my door red for awhile, so I was going to have hubby try to fix it when I do paint it.... here is a pic of a wall in my kitchen:

My gingerbread was a bushy old fake tree that I gave a trimmed all of the branches and trimmed a few off of the bottom...I figured if I spent that much time doing it, I was going to use it !

I had to move my whole living room around to make room for the teeny tiny tree, cause my house is kind of teeny I took a pic of the changed up Santa bench..oh and a snowman...

Here is my tree all decked out with so many sweet ornies from swaps in the past, and of course a few ditties of my pic is with lights on, one without :

Sooooo...hope everyone is having a great Tuesday !! Bless you all !

Friday, December 16, 2011

A message.....and Swap Goodies !!!

Merry 8 Days Before Christmas !!! Wow, time is moving so quickly , and just like a snowball that builds up speed and momentum as it rolls along down a snow covered hill, the closer we get the more intense our feelings of being overwhelmed become !! DON'T DO IT !!! Christmas will come no matter what..Just like the profound message in the much loved, but highly under-rated cartoon by Dr. Suess.... " It came without ribbons! It came without tags!
It came without packages, boxes, or bags!"
Sadly, I am guilty of letting mysef fall prey to these feelings just as much as the next person. So I say this not as a scolding from a superior person to a lowly inferior thinker..but from a fellow distracted, want all things to be just so, run around doing everything and nothing person.
Let's just stop and sit down ( if you are reading this ,chances are you are in a sitting position, and switch your brain to a different train of thought if even for just a moment. Christmas will come,,,, without that extra strand of lights on the tree, it will come ...even if the last batch of cookies cooked just a little too will come..... Whether you get the chance to touch up the coloring in your hair, or fill in your will come.

Did you sit and watch a favorite Holiday show ? Did you pause and take the time to stick a little change or more in the red kettle outside of your local grocery or department store ?? Did you spend just a little extra time to enjoy the festively decorated homes in your neighborhood, even if one house only has a small lighted plastic candle on a window ledge, or aluminum tinsel garland wrapped around a porch post ?
If not...Do it !!
More of tis little message to come later......
On a different note .....
I have to show a pic of the wonderful swap goodies I received to day.. belong to a group called " An American Primitive Gathering " We did a secret santa swap and I am so glad I joined..See the sweet gifts ? Ahhh...I am so blessed !! Thank you Mimi !!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas cookie baking, fun with Grandson and other stuff....

Well, my oldest daughter and I have officially finished the SECOND traditional Christmas cookies that we bake each year...Folks, you would think I'm sending a dozen to every serviceman and woman overseas...We make sooooo many of each type was sugar cookie cut outs...The pic is horrible....all of the pics were taken with my phone...I love my Blackberry but it takes HORRIBLE pictures....
anyways, in the pic, it doesn't look like alot of cookies, but trust's alot of usually take another whole day to frost them all, so at least the really messy part is done...I love the cut-outs but I hate the flour-ey mess......!!!
My daughter had little man Keegan Rory with her and he was just so cute...He is at that age where he is really doing silly things and he had me laughing so hard a few times today, I had to use my
He looked so cute with his food all over his face today, of course I had to get a pic..he had baby little

I used a cute idea from a gal on the boards over at PrimMart..she had strung her red plastic cookie cutters and added lights...So I decided I would string up a few of my vintage red handled metal cookie cutters ( and one donut cutter) and hang them on a small piece of garland and lights over my kitchen I said my phone takes horrible pics, so I plan on taking some more photos with my camera sometime

I was playing around the other day wanting to try my hand at painting...I drew up the words wool and some penny circles...I made it all the primary colors just because ?? then started doing shading is kinda cute sitting in my craft room...I may try to paint one of my designs...some folks have done that, but they knew what they were

I hope everyone is happy, and healthy this day !!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Christmas Giveaway Winners !! some decorating also ....

Well hello folks...I've been super busy trying to get through my decorations and do a little Christmas Primping around my house...I have purposely taken my time, to just enjoy the process rather than rush to just " get it up"...I spent a few days re-doing some of my handmade goodies...with time, comes a little change in tastes shall we say ?? Above is a pic of my 'Santa ( and one snowman) wall... And here is a Snowman re-do:

This is a pic of my "All Is Calm" wool runner hanging on the back of a cupboard separating my living room from my kitchen...some lighted garland and wool stars I made....

Ok....on with the drawing for the winners.... I woke up this morning and immediately began choosing the winners for my Christmas giveaway,,,As you can see, I used a scientifically accurate, high tech formula for calculating my winners.......

See how complicated that was...phew....Here are the winners ....

Congratulations Pippi, Janet and Monique...
Thank you so much for the huge response and I hope to have more giveaways in the near future....
enjoy today !!
Big P.S. I'm having some troubles with my outgoing default mail, so I'm not sure if you gals who won received my emails...hopefull you will be reading this and you will contact me....