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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Another Freebie ..Days slip away from me ...

I keep thinking I'm going to have all kinds of fun, exciting, interesting things to tell you about and show you and lo and behold, the days just slip by and nuttin honey !!! So, how about in celebration of my BORING and lazy days, I offer another freebie, but sorry, it is a Christmas stitchery doodle from last year ....LOL...See how lazy ?? I can't even draw up a new creation....GEESH !!

Today was my youngest child's Birthday...Taylor is 15 years old..We went for a long ride and ended up in another nearby town and went to Ponderosa for dinner and even got to totally embarass her with the staff singing her a cute little ditty for her Birthday....LOL

Love ya Taylor !! you Goof Ball !!!


WoolenSails said...

Great freebie, just in time for christmas gifts. I have been using other's doodles for punch needle gifts. I have been working on presents lately, so nothing I can show on my blog since they are secrets;)

Happy Birthday to Taylor


Julie said...

Thanks for the darling pattern. I am printing it as we speak. I wish I had doodle talent, but since I don't, I sure appreciate those who do!! happy birthday to your daughter. She is a doll. Julie

My Colonial Home said...


Love your Freebie (doesn't matter if it's last years or not...who knew). It's great and Thanks!

basketsnprims said...

Thanks for another great freebie. It will make a great gift. Happy Belated birthday to Taylor, she's so pretty.


Leslie said...

Happy Be-Lated Birthday, Taylor!

Hey, it's okay...we all have our moments in life that aren't as interesting as others. I feel guilty not having things to talk about so I swear I try to FIND something! LOL

I enjoy your free doodles! Gives me something to print out and take along with me somewhere and work :)

Have a great day!



Black Sheep Lisa said...

Happy birthday Taylor!! Enjoy your youth! LOL
Thanks for the great doodle Robin.

Anonymous said...

Oh I love the birthday girls hair that colour....she looks like Ashley!!! xxxxRobby

Terry said...

Waht a cute freebie! Thanks so much! :0)

Unknown said...

Thanks for the stitchery Robin,
You are the best!!!

ohiofarmgirl said...

Happy B. day. And thanks for sharing the pattern. Dianntha