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Friday, May 7, 2021

Slow Progress

Well, I’ve finally begun my re- entry into the world of rug hooking. I almost burned up in the “ atmosphere” before I even touched down. 

I get too worked up worrying about all the I shoulds and I needs. Lol

This is the design I’m doing and hoping to get it finished and putting it out as a pattern  

I also having troubles commenting on others blogs, and the comments on my own blog  I do most from my phone and I get error messages  …..

So , please forgive me if I don’t comment back to you  and I will try to get it sorted out  …

Here is a little stitching I did from my Folky Flower Pots Doodle Booklet  , I’m thinking of some decorative stitches as a border  … it was fine on hand dyed muslin  I don’t recommend it as it’s quite tough getting even a brand new sharp needle through the fabric. I have some hand dyed Osnaburg and I know that would have been a better choice  .

Have a lovely day everyone  😊


Saundra said...

Robin, it is looking really great! Just remember there are no rules for rug hooking despite what some people posted on your previous blog years ago. I mix cut sizes in the same piece depending on what the spot needs. My go to favorite cut is #8.5 but have reduced down to much smaller for dots, for the center of a flower, for an eye, a hoof, etc., so you get the picture.
Have also used a smaller cut when trying to finish the background and the space is too narrow for the #8.5 strip. Take a deep breath and dive in gurlfren! It is supposed to be fun. Cute design, by the way.

Rugs and Pugs said...

Your hooking is off to a great start...and ditto what Saundra said. NO RULES! I, too, mix many sizes of cuts in the same piece.

Prims By The Water said...

Love both your current rug and your stitchery! I hand cut my worms, so they are always wonky. LOL Who cares. Our foremothers did not have cutting machine and I dont think they cared what size went where either. Janice

Jacqueline said...

Love the new piece

Farm Girl said...

I love that pattern. I hope you continue to hook. I really, really miss you in the blogging world, and I love your patterns so much.
I understand about life though, it happens.
So nice to see you back.

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