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By: Robin Leuschen

" Who you are is God's gift to you........ What you do, is your gift to God !"

Saturday, March 6, 2021

Progress on a hooked yarn rug


I was desperate to start hooking again. But alas I really don’t have much wool ( just small pieces here and there) so after seeing Saundra Porters challenge , I decided I could just draw up my own tulip and try booking with yarn. 

The foundation fabric isn’t even actual linen for hooking , but it’s something I had purchased from JoAnns years ago ( I think a large weave Aida cloth ) 

I only have a little 8” x 8” punch needle frame. Sooooo, I drew the tulip in the fabric ( it’s not even traced on, it was free hand and isn’t even symmetrical 🀦‍♀️

Well, I had only a few skeins of yarn that were actually what I’d venture to call primitive colors. 

It was looking quite sad , and let me say , hooking  with yarn is not for the faint of heart. The loops fall where they may, and even capturing the yarn without separating it is an art. Yikes. Well I finished the flower and made a quick trip to Hobby Lobby for the speckled yarn for the background. 

Saundra, I hunted high and low for fabric, shirts t shirts ... nothing that would even remotely look presentable with these colors. 

I must say, I was pleasantly surprised to see it coming together after I began to hook the background. 

Ok enough rambling about one little rug. Lol

Have a great rest of the weekend folks. 


TheCrankyCrow said...

This is so very sweet Robin! Love your colors! I have never hooked with yarn...nor do I think I want to. I have enough issues with wool strips LOL. ~Robin~

elaine allerton said...

It looks so good!! I love hooking with yarn,,,love the look it gives,,,
I hardly ever use much wool fabric anymore,,,You did great ,,,elaine

acorn hollow said...

Well I love your heart!! I have tried to hook yarn before and you are right it is not easy.
so glad you picked up a hook again.

Saundra said...

Robin, in primitive hooking symmetry isn't the least bit necessary and even makes the piece take on it own character. I've hooked a hole rug with yarn and hated it for the same reasons you mentioned. I purchased a Claire Murray kit on ebay early in my rug hooking journey and swore to never hook with yarn again. That said, I will use it sparingly if I ever do another rug hooking challenge but never for a whole rug as I think it looks machine made in China. If I knew your email address I'd send you a picture of said rug.

NMK said...

Love your rug & the colors are so pretty ! One of the women who took part in the challenge used stockings !! I still have to go buy some at the Dollar Tree , because that looked pretty ! I am gathering old t-shirts & soiled baby clothes to hook something again with mixed fibers !

Robin Leuschen said...

Thank you. But yeah, it’s not as fun as hooking with wool. Lol

Robin Leuschen said...

Thank you 😊 I think it’s going to take a bit for me to REALLY warm up to it. Lol. Practice practice.

Robin Leuschen said...

I am enjoying joining again. Getting my wool stash built in preparation. Lol.

Robin Leuschen said...

Oh Saundra. It’s an acquired taste for sure. Lol here’s my email:

Robin Leuschen said...

I do want to try other fibers. But the yarn is just very difficult. πŸ€ͺ

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