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" Who you are is God's gift to you........ What you do, is your gift to God !"

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Rabbit Parade Punch Needle Pattern ...and Valentine Decor

Well ladies, I have been busy busy busy !! I started on this new needle punch design Friday.

First, I traced the design onto my weavers cloth, got it on the hoop, started getting my floss together and realized I forgot to "mirror" the image,and the letters would be all backwards after punching. I took that piece of cloth off the hoop ( I can use it to do a stitchery). Retraced the design and got it all ready. Started to punch the letters and they looked like big blobs, even after doing the background.

I tore it out, started all over again..finally realized the problem ( for me anyways) was that the letters were too close together for the small flag. So, the next step was to bring up the image in my paint program , erase the letters in the flag, print the image off ( I was trying to avoid re-tracing the entire design ). I re-wrote the one word Easter and made the letters larger and further apart. Scanned the pic, saved and I remembered to mirror the image, printed it off. I got that all traced on new cloth and was all set to go. I started punching and wow, what a difference. all was going well...but, I had no gray for the background. Ran to JoAnn's , spent $17 on floss....all different colors.

Working VERY late into the night , errr should say into the early morning, I was almost finished , it was looking good, but I still wasn't happy with the letters, I knew I could do better.

My obsession ( ocd) took over and out came all the letters and flag background.

I re-punched it all much tighter together and I was finally satisfied with the end results.

Right now, after 4 hours of sleep, I'm typing up the pattern ( re-checking and re-checking ) .

I finally put together my little Valentine Tree this morning, figured it was getting late, better do it now before Valentine's Day is here and gone.

Back to my pattern writing. Hope you are all having a really good day,



annie said...

Robin, I love what you do, the details are great, can't imagine your time you put into them. love you V. tree! Hope you week goes well!

Rugs and Pugs said...

Robin ~
What a wonderful pattern. Your perserverance paid off and it looks terrific!
Love the Valentine tree.
Hugs :)

janet said...

Your Valentine tree is adorable..I appreciate the OCD because you want a quality product when finished..I admire that..Your work is simply awesome..I so look forward to seeing what ya are up too..Get some sleep..

WoolenSails said...

I am not the best with letters in small areas, but love your new piece. I like the idea of putting Spring in the banner, then it can be used all season. Got the freebie from the newsletter, so hoping to make it, maybe a wool piece.


Joanne said...

All that work but it really paid off - looks great!

Saundra said...

Robin, I know exactly what you are talking about with the checking and re-checking pattern writing. Because you know how to do it the novice may not. All those things we automatically do without thinking a newbie might find confusing.

Like your Valentine tree. And, like this picture of you for your profile better than the other one. very nice!

Karen/My Colonial Home said...

Robin I just love all of your designs/creations...such a talented lady...this new Easter design is adorable.

and I also think it's awesome that you share 'some' of your designs with us as Freebies...I've used one or two at different times.


Angie Berry said...

Oh no Robin! Are you finally satisfied with it?! You poor thing. I am the exact same way. Such a perfectionist, always ripping and tearing and sanding away something. I think I re-do more than I actually get done, lol! I love the bunny, it is adorable!!

I finally got my Valentine tree decorated about 4 days ago, haha. Oh well, we'll still have a couple of weeks to enjoy them. Yours is so cute!