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" Who you are is God's gift to you........ What you do, is your gift to God !"

Friday, January 27, 2012

A new pair of eyes...and some AWESOME Ebay sellers..

I happened upon this nice lady's work on Ebay...Of course I recognized the designs, but wow...she did some cool things with colors and especially the hooked rug, love letter design...look at that hooking..oh if only mine looked that good...practice were done up by Laurie(zimzzwhimz)

Next are two favorite ladies, I have the privilege of knowing from an Ebay group, AAPG.

Doris(luv2punch) is the sweetest person ! She can whip up a punch piece quicker than anyone I know, and look at that design by Kelley Belfast..Doris sure did that design justice !! Love it Doris !

Rebecca(goodwool)is another sweet gal from the group on Ebay. She does a large percentage of her pieces in the most wonderful neutral tones.You'll have to click on her name too and take a peek at her work..How she can combine all the different shades of tans and light browns and such...Beautiful !

Ok, so here we go. I DO NOT like to have pictures taken of myself. But....I have lost just a few pounds and to me, my face is slightly thinner, so I will share this picture ( as I cringe ) I got a new pair of glasses the other day and so, just pretend the triple chin isn't there and take a peek at my new "eyes"..Bifocals of course(progressives) My daughter took the pic with my phone and wow, I need new highlights and cut and style...oh well.....

OOHHH..I hope I didn't scare you off permanently
Hugs for now,


Susan At Glen Oaks Primitives said...

Hi, Robin! You look fantastic, and I think you are right; your face is thinner. I like the glasses.
The girls you highlighted do some marvelous work indeed.
Are those your designs at the beginning of the post?
I have so much weight to lose. You won't see a photo of me for a long time!

Joanne said...

Oh Robin - we are who we are - and if no one wants to see us - well then they don't have to look right! Heck I cringe at my photo's too but what are you going to do! You look great! And yes those gals do do wonderful work!

Orange Sink said...

Robin I'm so glad you shared a photo of yourself! You look wonderful and I love those new specs! I wish more bloggers weren't so bashful about posting photos of themselves! It's nice to be able to associate faces with names!
I am humbled when I see the works of these remarkable talented ladies! Love what Laurie did with your designs..... beautiful handwork and striking colors!
LOVE this post!!!
Cathy G

Susannah said...

You look wonderful ...and happy! Keep up the good work. I know it is not easy. Love the glasses! Right in style!

Your three friends do marvelous work. It was fun looking at their wares and thinking about them.

It is always fun to come to your blog. Always so interesting. Thank you.


Raspberry Lane Primitives said...

You look fantastic Robin!! Love the hooked pieces! Off to check them out on ebay.

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

love all those women's work..they do awesome work..and you have lost weight and you look fantastic..and I love the new glasses..I too have the progressives.;) thanks for showing us your beautiful face,;)

Doris said...

Oh Robin, you look beautiful. I think you look younger too. I'm so glad you shared the photo.
Those designs punched up beautifully, thanks for sharing.

Michelle May said...

Robin your face does look thinner and your glasses are so pretty!
Gorgeous wool work too!

Rugs and Pugs said...

Robin ~
You do look much thinner and I only count one chin!!! You look fantastic. Thank you for sharing :)
Those are beautiful finishes! The ladies from AAPG are such a talented group. I am honored to have been asked to join them.
Hugs :)

Kathy (woolfind) said...

Love the pieces you shared. they do beautiful work!
Your picture is super.. You should be so proud of yourself for losing!! Keep up the good work.

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

Robin ~ you look great! What's your secret ~ I need your inspiration!! Continued success! I'm going to check out those gals now ~ thanks for sharing!

Linda said...

Robin, I agree with the look "mavalous"!
Love the new site and now have to check you girls on Ebay. I wish I could get something accomplished so I could join the group.

susiedele said...

Hi pretty lady. I count only one I bet keeping up with that new grand baby has helped with your success. Love your new 'with-it' glasses, too.
A couple of those gals are on my favorites list. Gonna go check out Laurie's listings now. She was real clever with her color choices.

PatC - All is Bright said...

Congrats on your weight loss! You are looking great - good on you!


Raymond Homestead said...

Very good picture of you! Lord knows I need to lose weight. It is so hard to do. Thanks for sharing with us!

Mary @ Neat and Tidy said...

Robin, you are beautiful. We are our own worst critics, aren't we. Love the glasses!

Angie Berry said...

Those are some beautiful Valentine pieces!

I love your new picture Robin! You look great and you have such a beautiful smile girl!