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Friday, February 24, 2012

Everyone has an opinion....but ...

You know, I don't believe in moderating my comments on my blog, unless they are obscene or "hateful" personal attacks.
I've received many sweet compliments about my hooking projects, and I know they come from the heart with most , some God Bless you , you are probably just being sweet and a few...well, maybe they aren't formed in the fashion that we have come to expect...Most of us have a tendency to tippy toe around an issue or like the 800 lb. gorilla in the room, we figue if we ignore it or pretend we can't see it, it doesn't exist....
Now, if ayone wants to critique my work , my beginning efforts at whatever pool of art form I am dipping my toes in, please feel free. I put it out there, I am a realist enough to know that not every question or story or little peek into my life is going to attract honey and roses...There's alot of opinions out there, some not always so nice....
Here's my opinion or " take" on some of the not so nice comments that have been posted on my blog by a person, concerning my hooking progress...
I am a TYPE A personality, but I try to hide it behind a sweet exterior and jovial personna....I am the quickest to rip myself up one side and down the other when critiquing my work. Sometimes with good reason, others at the hand of the critical person inside me that just can never quite get it " good enough".
I was raised in a certain environment, where there was a constant drive to do better. To be all that you can be, and better. I'm referring to Catholic School of course...I love it though....Within those walls of strict rules and consistent attention to striving for pefection, I felt I had nowhere to go but up. Most people are like that though, If you are surrounded by standards of excellence, unless you are truly rebellious, you will rise to the level of wherever your personal bar has been set.
All philosophy aside, I actually welcome the comments and helpful direction that this person has given about my hooking. There is a part of me that says, " take it easy on me, I AM just starting out, and it is supposed to be enjoyable !!", but another part of me says " If I raise the bar to this standard, maybe I can acheive this level of success in my technique...SOME DAY !"..
I will though, draw the line, when it comes to comments, that attack the lovely folks and my blogging friends that want me to stay motivated by gentle suggestion , and encouraging compliments. Like the mother in me it all you want to me, but leave my kids out of it !!!
So...I posted another pic of my progress on my rug. I haven'y " fixed" uneven loops ...yet .... I have probably made tons of mistakes in regards to my hooking technique, but let me say this ...I am enjoying the experience as I go...I AM learning...I WILL get better with more practice...I am taking all helpful hints into consideration...but I have to accept that I am not going to be perfect, maybe I will never be truly successful in rug hooking as far as going to the heights of it becoming an award winning art form for me .....That's ok ....But ,I won't ever disregard useful information either....
Last comment : If I were paying BIG MONEY for hooking lessons, I would at least rather throw my money to someone who has a kinder, gentler way of saying I'm doing a crappy job !!!
And ending on a more fun note...I got my plethora of overdyed wool I ordered on Ebay ..

Awesome wool !! some of the colors are a bit brighter than they looked in the pictures, but I'm ure some of you can give me "polite" tips on how to tone it down a bit
Have a constructive, creative day !!


Kendra said...

I just went back and read the comments from your last post to see what I missed and my heart skipped a beat.
First, I will say your project looks great, you have more patience than I would have rug hooking. Second, I was raised under the theory that if I had nothing nice to say I should keep my mouth shut! There were some helpful hints there but they were canceled out by the added cutting remarks. Can you say constructive critism?! I am one that is not easily offended but I constantly worry that I have offended someone with something I have said, I wonder if this person ever feels that way...I am going to guess not. Thirdly, not that this is the case but isn't part of the appeal of folk art the fact that it is imperfect.
Keep up the good work, can't wait to see it when you're done.

Imperfect and proud of it,

Kathy (woolfind) said...

Hey Robin, just catching up on your posts. I was at the hook in yesterday. Hmmmmmmm, lips tight here on the comments left lol. I won't use your blog as my podium :). Only comment I will leave is.... did you ever look at a man (your husband, brother, friend) after they said something not so nice, and they look at you and say "what did I say?". this is another difference between a man and a woman not only in the hooking world) I'm hoping this person will take note of the "tone" that he puts into his comments. Such a shame, when wording can make all the difference in the world to a persons reaction to them. Ok, that's it! I kept it simple :).
I think your rug his looking great and love the "hunger" you are having for continuing to improve. I've seen so many different types of rugs since I have started hooking. I'm not a perfect hooker. I'm not sure there is one out there. (and if I want a perfect rug, I will go out and buy a machine made one). Everyone has their own style. I encourage everyone who is starting out by telling them they are doing great. Pulling their FIRST loop IS doing great! it's a start. When showing someone how to hook, I try and give them direction as far as pulling their loops up as high as the width of the strip is, spacing, etc. BUT, if a person likes to hook higher (me) or lower, then so be it. It's THEIR rug, and if THEY like it, then that is wonderful. Who has to be happy with it in the end??? I have people where I have suggested (nicely) at the hook in something about color. They have turned to me and said, "I like this color better". Who's to say "I was right"? I just tell them GREAT! Be happy with your rug, and have fun!The only time I really nudge someone "again nicely" is when the values are close together. (am I still on my podium?) Sorry about that.
Robin, when it comes down to it, enjoy, have fun, and please share with us your pieces. I love your talent, your doodles, etc. You never stop, and that is something we should all try and do. Life is short!
Your wools are wonderful that you have bought. Only suggestion I can give about toning them down, is don't do it right away. You might want that little pop, or what they call poison in your rug. you might think it's bright, but when putting it into a rug, other colors can tone it down just by being next to it... for example an outline.
Have a Beautiful day :)

rx2massey said...

Ditto what Kathy (woolfind) is YOUR rug...strive to make yourself happy with it! Don't let someone's nasty critiques take away your joy of hooking!

Angie Berry said...

Wow, what a jerk! I had to go back and read my comment although I didn't think it was mean, I wanted to make sure it wasn't me that you were referring to. My goodness, that was totally uncalled for!

Ditto on Kendra and Kathy! I think you are doing a wonderful job!!

April said...

I think your rug is coming along great! from a non-hooker here. I also think Hooking is a Primtive art, so.. Shouldn't it have a primitive look. I will only say that some bloggers have accounts only to say bad things to try and get reactions. It is also happening on the Blogs about Cross Stitch.. LOve all that new wool too! Keep Hooking.. I enjoy your blog!

Katherine said...

I've read this guy's comments on other blogs, and they are always the same. I can't add anything that Kendra and Kathy haven't already said so well. I admire your talent and dedication to your work, and look forward to many more of your hookings!


Saundra said...

Good grief, I'm shocked. I also had to go back to see what all the hullabaloo was about.

...first, harhar.....couldn't resist ~ I have only seen 2 people who hooked and it looked like they had already steamed their rug. One of them is NOT me.

Second (my bad again)steaming does wonders for a rug I find.

The fact that he does not identify himself should tell you a lot.

Don't let that person take the wind out of your sales!!!!!


Humble Heart Designs said...

Hey, I'm not a rug hooker, but a wanna be. I think your pattern is looking great.
I say don't sweat it and just enjoy the learning process. That's what is so much fun about crafting!!

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

I love your work imperfections and all...heck thats what makes it handmade and not from a factory..makes it one of a kind..;) so pooh pooh the other comments.;) we think you are great as you are.O)

Dirty Martini Queen said...

Since I don't hook but would love to try, I look forward to everyone's hooking projects. Let's just say that I live vicariously thru you and I love your bunny! I agree that some people were raised by wolves and have no manners. If you have nothing nice to say then keep it to yourself.

Jan - Life on Buttermilk Hill said...

WOW!! I went back and read "the comments"--you know which ones. I constantly push myself towards perfection--but my work, in MY mind, is NOT perfect. In MY mind, it will never be. But NASTY criticism doesn't help. I am KINDLY asking Newburyarts to never visit my blog--I don't have the time nor inclination to deal with a jerk. None of us start as experts (not even Newburyarts )--and NONE of us EVER reach perfection. Robin, your work is not perfect but , as you said, you strive for perfection and with that and practice,like everything,, you will improve quickly and you will enjoy looking at your early work and seeing your progress. There is NOTHING wrong with your cute bunny. It's FAR better than I could do!!-Jan

ACreativeDreamer said...

I'm not even sure how I happened upon your blog, hopping around I'm sure... and after reading this post, I, too, had to go back and read the last one.

Let me just say, something in those comments struck a note... "your work is a reflection of your own self worth."

Just as shamelessly criticizing someone in harsh manners rather than helpfully guiding them is... it shows a serious lack of understanding and tolerance... along with a horrifying lack of patience. It also suggests that they have fought to be "perfect" to fight a feeling of inferiority in some area of their life.

Striving to do your best is all any of us can do. I've always found that we all have our gifts, and that, if we enjoy something, we become better at it with practice. My grandmother used to tell me that only God is perfection, the rest of us can only strive to be.

Personally, I am content with not being perfect... frankly, I like it. It allows me to be artistic, human, and fallible... It shows that I have a soul. Unlike machines with no hearts. And I'll take handmade imperfection over machine like perfection any day because I like the look.

By the way, I think you're doing a great job, it's just lovely.

susiedele said...

Wowsers!!! I had to go back to take a look, too. That guy needs to take a pill. Perhaps an Exlax lol
I love your style, Robin, and look forward to stopping in here almost daily. Your art and your comments always inspire me.
I just started my first hooked project and hope I do half a well as you've done.


Susan At Glen Oaks Primitives said...

Even being unexperienced in rug hooking I can still tell if something doesn't look good. And I would buy your rug right now before you finish. That's how charming I think it is.
Now, cross stitching (I do this) has to be perfect or you will mess up the placement of everything. It would be obvious the lack of experience or talent, same with painting. Sewing primitive dolls, other primitive needlework, it can have slight mistakes and still be beautiful and charming. I personally don't see any mistakes or errors in your rug. I haven't read the comments you're referr-
ing to and I don't need to. If
someone's words cut this much, there is something going on beyond critiquing someone's work and offering advice. They need to belittle others to feel bigger themselves. Someone told me that a long time ago about my ex-husband and it's true, he even admits it!


I LOVE your little rug Robin...Makes me wonder why I didn't think to add some color around my main objects. (Why do I think I always have to do creams or blacks???) Of course I've told you what I think about your patterns...WONDERFUL!!!! Forget the nasty remarks. Primitive hooking is suppose to be the way a person wants it to be. Not perfect in everyone's eyes. Keep hooking and keep those designs coming. Hugs, Sher

Prims By The Water said...

Actually Robin I was thinking about you today wondering if that jerk got to you yesterday. I want to say once again that I like your rug, and primitive is suppose to have you go girl and continue to do what you are doing. Take care, Janice

Denise said...

I happened upon this just by accident. I read Newburyarts not one but several extremely rude, bad-mannered, boorish, insulting and completely insensitive comments. She appears
to be a know it all, who wishes to be above everyone else.
As most of us who do any kind of craft, needlework, etc. know, one doesn't criticize in a 'I know how and you don't' way. She doesn't really want to help, she just wants
to show off her so called knowledge.
As we all know, well, most of us....we do our craft for our enjoyment and often get together in groups to also enjoy others' talents.
I did click on 'Newburyarts' and
'nothing' came up...that says it all.
Love your hooking, love your talent
and most of all -- love your sense of humor!
Best to you always....

Michelle~Sugar House Creations said...

The same "person" left me comments. That's all I'm going to say about that. Us newbie hookers need to stick together. :-)

Wool-Stitches said...

Years ago when I lived in Cheyenne Wyoming I met a woman named Grace! She was in her 80's back then. I was so excited to meet her because she hooked rugs! She had never known anyone else that had hooked. So I brought mine and we had a show in tell. She started hooking because she needed rugs for the ranch they lived on. It's a cold place to live! Her rugs were fantastic. Her own patterns of course. she never heard of rug hooking magazine. She learned to hook on her own. When I saw her rugs I only saw how beautiful they were! Her rugs by all means were not what we would hook today. I felt almost ashamed showing her my rugs. I felt that I was corrupting her style of hooking. I guess what I am trying to say is today everyone has a rule for rug hooking! You really don't want your rug to look machine made. It is not always wonderful to be so perfect. It makes things look stale. Your hooking looks wonderful and you will get the hang of things the way you like! Elaine

Rugs and Pugs said...

Robin ~
There have been a number of us who have had the wrath of Newbury Arts. I was told I had "pugs on ugly little rugs". I say if he (I'm almost certain it's a "he" but the person hides behind his/her anonymity) doesn't like my blog or my rugs, DON'T READ IT!!! There are so many blogs to read. Read those you like.
AND...the last person who was perfect was nailed to a cross.
'Nuff said.
Hugs :)

woolyredrug said...

OMG...someone needs to get a life!
Robin, your bunny is wonderful!!! I echo what everyone before has't give this creep's cowardly comments another thought! ~L

alltheseboys said...

Hi Robin..I love your rug! It's absolutely beautiful. I dont really do any "crafting" but I do scrapbook. I have never been perfect at it...and decided that the imperfections in my scrapping represent the imperfections in my life! I created them for me...and if you don't like they way they most certainly don't have to look at them! Geesh..I have seen some really negative stuff lately on some's really to bad! Katie

primlin56 said...

love it....robin...i am a begginer rug hooker and very afraid to post my rug on my blog now...if you recieved all that from your wonderfully done rug....he would have a blast cutting mine down to how perfect can he be when he can't even takes all have done a great job...i am on rug two now and it is going to be a struggle to do this one...kudos to you for doing what you love...

Cranberry said...

Oh Hon disregard what some negative Nelly has to say and continue on with what makes you happy. Your work is beautiful...checked out this Newburyarts page and lo and behold nothing.If they are the alleged expert that they claim to be show us or shut up is all I`ve got to say on the subject.
Happy Hooking :)

Lisa said...

I agree with the last comment. If they are not willing to put themselves out there and post their email or their blog site, they should keep their negetive crap to themselves. I mean to not even have the guts to post a profile picture...really. I am pretty sure NO one wants to hear "his" comments. I think your work is great and your generosity with your doodles are alot of fun. Try not to let this get you down. Lisa

Hannabees said...

I think your blog is beautiful and your hooking outstanding! Thanks for sharing!!!!