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" Who you are is God's gift to you........ What you do, is your gift to God !"

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Gift I made for Daughter In Law's Birthday

What a morning !! My oldest son brought all 4 of his boys out to the house along with my second oldest son and my other son my "Adopted" son...Jerome calls himself my " son of color" bought McDonalds breakfast and we hung out,,Well it was my Daughter in laws Birthday and My son was giving her some quiet sleeping in time as she worked late last night,,,,
So, I got an idea to make a special gift for her from her boys...She is a good Mommy and her boys adore their is so precious !!
So, I sat them down, they were being so silly and goofy I couldn't get a good serious picture, but I guess it was good, they were being themselves...they are happy, funny and loving little I printed the pic off onto muslin and made a pillow to hang from a peg,,,all the boys then signed the back, even little Justin who is just barely learning his abc' was so excited and proud and of course Grandma ( MeeMa is what they call me) couldn't resist telling him over and over what lovely work he does on his name . He just beamed !!!lol

My Daughter in Law , Lori called me shortly after my sons and Grandson's arrived home and she was almost in tears...she sooo loved her gift and the boys were so proud of it !!!
Then...hubby was up at 4:00 am and went to work to do a little overtime..He came home at around noon with a lovley surprise for me ...a Sweet gushy love card for me...and a Fall Arrangement for the table for Thanksgiving

...I love my Randy...He is the sweetest, kindest and most loving man to walk God's good earth...We were highschool sweet hearts and are still best friends.... I really have so much to be thankful for and I will be remembering this and telling my Lord this over and over on Thanksgiving Day and every day !!!


Karen said...

Robin, what a lovely post...I love the idea of the pillow with the boys on it....something Lori will keep forever. You are a good MIL! And it's these kinds of things that make hubby love you so much and show his love. You are truly blessed in all ways.
I can relate!!!!

Leslie said...

Absolutely adorable. How wonderful and so perfect and it didn't take all that long! Love it.


simple~needs said...

the pillow turned out great!! i can see why she loved it.
cool card. he is a sweetie!!!

Lauren said...

What a sweet gift! That is a great idea..and a wonderful keepsake for her! Hope you have a wonderful Monday! <3Lauren

WoolenSails said...

What a beautiful and loving idea for a gift.
Sounds like you had a perfect day, filled with love and laughter.


Julie said...

Great post!! Those boys look very close to each other in age and in friendship. What a wonderful gift you gave their Mom. She will treasure that forever. Have a great day. Julie

Tanya said...

Hi There Robin...
I have awarded you the
'Uber Amazing Award'for your blog because i think it is just delightful..You can pop by at my blog to collect you award...I looove all your work..I purchased 2 patterns from pattern mart the other day i can't wait to get them made up.When i get time to sew for
Have a wonderful day ...
Hugs Tanxxoo

Trudy said...


How nice was that for Lori. I would cry too if I received something so beautiful and heartfelt! What a busy day you had.

I have been busy looking at your patterns and finished actually. I just love your style. You are so very talented.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving,


Appleberry Farm said...

I loved your DIL cushion wonder she cried!!!

Oh and I have tagged you too!!!

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Karen said...

Robin, the gift is wonderful! I love your work anyway. When I'm changing seasonal stuff, I get out my ornie-swap-stuff, and yours are always some of favorites! Karen

Briot's said...

Robin, this idea is great !!! Boys are so cute !!! what a gift !!!