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" Who you are is God's gift to you........ What you do, is your gift to God !"

Thursday, March 7, 2013

New Rug Pattern "Wool a' Plenty "

All I can say is WOW...I am amazed at the emails and comments on my blog, asking and begging me to offer this desgn as a rug pattern....It is exciting for me!! Humbling also....I still don't throw my hat in with many of the other primitive artists as far as talent,,,but I'm enjoying the process !!

Wool A Plenty Hooked Rug Pattern

Wool A Plenty Hooked Rug Pattern

One look, and you can see, there is alot of wool on this sheeps body...Time for a haircut. line ...

Price: US$6.00

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I re-traced it and placed some elements furthur apart for hooking made easier...
I really hope that this patern is well received by my prim friends....I am feewling inspired to keep going along...doing the right thing...and doing it
I should be in should you...goodnight !!


WoolenSails said...

He is a wonderful piece and perfect for spring. I am still playing catch up, doubt I will ever get there, but still trying, lol.


Julia said...

I'm not surprised that you got good review on your new pattern. I don't hook primitive, not because I don't love it but because I started hooking with narrow strips and that's what I'm still doing, lol.

I love hooking in any style, really. There is beauty to be savoured in any styles.

We are having a spring day here finally and it's nice seeing the snow melt for a change.
Happy hooking,

Karen said...

Hi Robin,
Thank you so much for doing this for us - we love your work and YOU are one of the best lady...don't forget that.
Question on the pattern.
Is it just an e-pattern? Never worked with one of those before.
So I would have to re-draw it on my Linen or Monks Cloth???
Just need to ask before I go ahead with ordering.

thesimplethyme said...

Wonderful Robin!..I love your header drawing too!

Christine said...


I am not a "hooker" but always love your designs....I truly like them much more than many other primitive artists.....something about them just "speaks" to me....I am always thinking how they might adapt to wool applique. Keep us the great work!