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By: Robin Leuschen

" Who you are is God's gift to you........ What you do, is your gift to God !"

Sunday, March 3, 2013

New Punch Needle Pattern finished.....started a new design...and , I 'm showing it anyways...

Why, do I always think, that the entire content of my blog post must in some way be included in the title of the post ???? I just noticed that as I finished typing it probably comes from having such a large family, and having to get what you need to say, in quickly, before someone else butts in with their newest topic of
I finished up my punch needle pattern....I call it "March Hare Sampler"...available for purchase on my sidebar...or, there is a new pattern selling group on Facebook called The Prim Pattern Shoppe  .
Here it is :
Every month we have a theme or themes for Primitive Handmades Mercantile. this coming update, the themes are pineapples, sheep, Spring.
I wasn't sure about making this a Rug Design, but thought, what the heck...
Here is my new Sheep design... " Wool a' Plenty"  :

Notice the circled blue lights and arrow ?
Well.....I had just finished taping the pieces of the enlarged pattern together ( also note ** the tape...after I ripped off each piece I stuck it on the edge of the took me a few pieces to realize, I had wool dust that was getting "picked up", making the tape look
I had it laying over my laptop when I snapped the picture...those 2 glowing blue lights are from the computer...Just think how spooky it would look if they were farther apart and right where the eyes are ????

And now......I should be hiding this, but nawwww....I looked up and found some FREE ART classes online.One of them , was a pen and ink/watercolor class. I was practicing doing some hatching/cross hatching for shading...( I never heard these terms...or stipling... Remember, my Mom was an artist...I HATED art class !!! )
Well, it was going ok, till number one, I misspelled THOU...I actually had a W on the end .....Wow...I really should be too ashamed to be writing this ...!!
Then....I didn't pull the watercolors out to the center well enough..I ended up making the paper slightly mushy trying..Seems, you should let it dry between efforts....hmmmm...they didn't teach me that !!
and then...I tried using my new fancy shmancy new walnut stain in the blotter bottle...whoa Nellie !! Need practice controlling that, and I left circles and rings pounding it on the paper ( duh !!) to get more to come out...I made too much come out...tried to dab it and I ended up rubbing off some of the lettering I did....and then, alas, I tried to fix it with my marker...while it was still damp...the marker bled out...

A disaster you say ?? I say NOT !....A learning experience..I do say though, that it's a good thing, I bought a BIG tablet of watercolor paper !!!lol
May your artsy fartsy fun times, be a little more successful than mine was, that is unless you are like me...I learn better from my mistakes ... :)


Susannah said... make me laugh!!! Doesn't matter what goof ups you do..they always come out marvelous and looking great!! I really love the perfect. And "How Great thou Art" will be guided by the man above so you wait and are gonna love it and everyone else will, too.

Have a good week my friend,

Cammie said...

You made me smile this morning as I was reading your post. Sometimes to mistakes we think we make end up being great, as yours did! Can't wait to get my hands on your sheep pattern to hook! Love it!

TeresaM said...

Oh Robin!!! You amaze me!!! I think you have doodled up another all time favorite of mine! Absolutely love the sheep!! Can't wait to see it hooked!!!

Karen said...

Goodness Robin you just are always coming up with the most beautiful designs.
I have to say I reallllly love the sheep pattern.
Can you make it big enough for a HOOKED RUG ? If so I'd love to purchase it from you.
Hope to hear back from you about this.

Oh my you did the painting in the last's gorgeous...I love how it all blended and the colors are perfect.


Margie said...

I love your designs of course but even more your fabulous attitude...Thanks for the reminder that sometimes mistakes teach us what we might not otherwise learn. Oh and I cracked up about the part of putting the whole post in the title...Yep, I bet it is from that. LOL...Hugs to you my friend !

jennifer768 said...

Love the sheep and the bunny!You are an amazing lady,always coming up with the best designs.Hugs,Jen

Rugs and Pugs said...

Oh, Robin ~
I don't think that was a disaster. It is a 100 times better than I could ever do. LOVE your new bunny design.
Hugs :)

Jan - Life on Buttermilk Hill said...

Robin...I LOVE your new designs...especially the sheep!! I would love to paint it...will it be available as a doodle??? Please Please Please??? Keep 'em coming, girl!! ---Jan

thesimplequiet said...

Great new designs, Robin and I love your "How Great..."! I think it looks fabulous!


Jacqueline said...

Even your "mistakes" look artistic to me

Julia said...

Hi Robin, I think that whatever method you use, your designs are all wonderful.
I love your new sheep design. Watercolor is tricky but don't give up.

The Grinning Sheep said...

I always love all your designs, but I really want to hook your new sheep pattern. Please advise when it's ready for purchase. I need it for my new studio space! Kathy

Erin Raatjes said...

Love your sheep - so fun!