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Primitive Folk Art Designs and Finished Items
By: Robin Leuschen

" Who you are is God's gift to you........ What you do, is your gift to God !"

Monday, January 28, 2013

Working on some designs, old designs.....

Hi and hope you are having a Good Monday so far !! I was busy this weekend with a few projects... One is a hooked rug...I am using a pattern from last year that was part of a Spring Doodle Booklet. It wasn't really designed with rug hooking in mind, so I re-drew it, spacing the elements further apart, and enlarging some things a little..I enlarged the whole pattern to 500% , and it ends up being about 18" x 20" ..not tooo big for I did start it ... Only got a tiny bit started...but now I am going to need to tone down some of my reds to really mute them and make them more of a cinnamon color,to more closely match the color in the pattern I colored in on the computer...the pic is dark, I was trying to get it to not look too bright, but not sure there was really enough it is :
~~~~~~~~ Then...I was getting my inspiration on Pinterest once again, and saw these old cookie cutters...Two of them were so simple, of a man and woman....A few folks had posted pics of fraktur drawings, and I am always drawn to those, but wow, the detail in them is overhwelming to, I drew up a very simple " fraktur like " drawing , using the outlines of the 2 cookie cutters I liked.....I drew up my design, colored it in and hunted for floss to match...what I found was close, and some it was even dyed with a touch of tan rit dye...It's going to be a new pattern, and I've got it all drawn up on my weaver's cloth and on my hoop...
So...I guess, winter is a good time for me to actually accomplish things on the between having family here... I also spent the weekend cooking again ! We had some of the kids here fixing cars, etc..and Grandkids here also so I had made a HUGE batch of homemade Mac n Cheese to go with their sandiches, and then A crockpot of Chili for dinner....I made coleslaw and chicken get the picture.....when you have 6 adult children and 8 Grandsons ( 1 grandaughter on the way...yay !)'s hard to not want to always have Something for them to eat, and plenty of it....My one Grandson , Riley is 12 years old....When I make something kind of common and doctor it up, he says to me " Grandma, you always add 1 secret ingredient, and I can really taste it !...It's LOVE !"....Makes me teary eyed every time he says that to me...Of course having raised 4 boys of my own, I also know what little brown nosers boys can be....especially when it comes to food !!! Here's a pic of my 12 year old Grandson, Riley ....I love his moppy hair !! He is a Skater ...gnarly dude !!!
~~~~~~~ Back to a little punching, hooking, and maybe some more drawing....yes I know, why do I have several things going at once ???? I clean my house the same way...several rooms torn apart at once...Must be the Robin


Heritage Homestead Decor said...

I understand why you get so many things going at once because we are WOMEN!!! haha! We were born to have many things happening at once! Love your projects and the inspiration you have just given me! Is there anyway to learn Rug hooking with wool online. I would love to learn how to do that! Your creations are beautiful!
Keep goin GIRL!

Karen said...

Hi Robin,
I so love all your work and I'm always so in awe at how much you get done in a day or even a weeks time - I thought I had energy and did a lot but you have won the
Adorable (don't tell him) grandson! Don't you just love cooking for the grands....especially sweet things and I love what he said about the secret ingredient.

Anonymous said...

WOW...You surely did get a lot accomplished this weekend..Your grandson is a cutie..Have a wonderful week..Hard to believe it will be February in a few days..

Susannah said...

Can you do anything more at once? You always accomplish so much...just puts me to shame!But what you do is just beautiful. You are a very talented lady and I love to see what you are going to tackle next or have done.

Peace and Happiness to you,
PS - Nice looking grandson there!