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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Some rug progress ...nasty weather toilet ????

Hello all..... I've managed to get a little hooking finished on my colonial motif rug...It's been hard for me to sit too long and keep moving over the frame here and there...I have a disc that likes to bulge every now and is when it liked to comes and goes, so I'm just waiting it out....but here are 2 pics of my rug progress...One is brighter than the other...hard to get good lighting ..
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Talk about the weather...Severe weather is going on almost everywhere...I pray for those in the path of high winds and tornados...We had our share of weird weather here last 2 days...It was 64 degrees here this morning...we beat the record for this time of year by 3 degrees... Oh, and we had thunder and lightening last night...and while I sat in the car today , while daughter ran into the Sporting Goods Store ( I tell you about that in a ) I looked out the window and saw this ominous cloud formation...within 2 minutes, the wind began blowing the car back and forth and then a torrential downpour....Now, we have Winter Weather Advisories from tomorrow morning all the way through to Friday night... Here is a pic of that scary cloud :
~~~~~~~~~~~~~ And now for the reason for the trip to the Sporting Goods Store.... With the weather being so whacky...temps in the 50's and 60's the last few days, and 18 inches of snow on the ground melting, add to that about 1" of rain in a short time yesterday...our back yard looked more like a pond than a yard.... I knew something was up when the toilet didn't flush...Only time that happens and it get's clogged, is when one or more of the Grandsons are here...( they think they need 1/2 a roll of toilet paper to wipe their Hmmmm...only one reason besides a clog that it wouldn't go down...Last time, it was because the sump pump in the second septic tank died....Hubbs goes and checks...YUP....the new pump died...It just couldnt handle all the flooding going on in the back...We are planning some major digging and drain tile going in this Spring, not to mention, we don't know when the last time the septic was pumped out sooooooo... When you see hubby in the backyard in "muck" boots....somethin's not good ....
The trip to the store was for a Camping Potty....if this is going to happen anymore, and if electric goes out we are stuck with no water ( no well pump or septic pump) We want to be prepared...yes , it is a delicate subject, but hey....everybody does We got the new pump, the new potty..chemicals for it...and When hubby got home, him and my oldest son Ryan ( he did it last time...poor guy always gets pooh duty...) replaced the pump and hurrah...Flushing toilet again !! Oh, the things that we take for So, alls well that ends well.. Have a great evening !! Robin


Raymond Homestead said...

So glad you have a working toilet again! That is certainly something we take for granted!

Sandy said...

You have my sympathy, been there done that. In the last 48 hours we have gotten 19 inches of snow. We opened our garage door and it was drifted half way up it. The last two weeks before this our temperature averaged a high of 1 F and a low of 13 F. Whats with this winter? I can't wait to see your rug, I love the design, will the pattern be for sale?

Rugs and Pugs said...

Here in northern Ohio the weather is supposed to change dramatically, too.
Your rug is looking wonderful.
Oh, the joys of home ownership. It's always something, isn't it?
Hugs :)

Robin said...

I had to sympathize with your post. We've been without water for over a week. Our pipes have frozen and the are under the driveway so there is no way to help the thaw along. I'm so sorry for the inconvenience and mess. What would we do without husbands and sons?

Orange Sink said...

Hi Robin,
First thank-you for your sweet comments on Mr. Chill! Coming from one with so much talent I'm highly honored!
That CLOUD looked very much like a tornado! Yikes!
Glad you are okay and have flushing toilets again! That is a sound not to be taken for granted for sure! LOL!
Your rug is so very beautiful so far! GREAT design and colors are just perfect!! Wish we lived closer to each other... Oh the fun we'd have!!!
Cathy G

Merry Wind Farm said...

Hi, Robin,
I love your colonial design that you are working on, will you be releasing that pattern? I feel your pain with your water woes, we have a well also and it is so upsetting when the power goes biggest worry is how I would water the horses if the outage was more than a day ...they drink a lot!

Heritage Homestead Decor said...

Oh boy no toilet. BUT....nice rug hooking!
Thank goodness for hubby's they do get stuck sometimes doing very crappy jobs!!LOL
Living in Ontario Canada some people think we live in an igloo all year long but we actually have a lot less torrential weather than sone of your great states. Our temps are all over the place as well. Last week it was bitter cold and today you could have worn a spring jacket. No wonder the kids have colds all the time!

Primitive Stars said...

Wow!!! So happy the toilet is back working....Wonderful rug...Blessings Francine.

Pam in IL said...

Yep, our weather is just as crazy. We finally bought a generator for the times we lose electric, which seems to be a very regular thing. As my DD said, this unusual weather is becoming usual.

Your rug is looking great!

Anonymous said...

NO toilet...You do take it for granted for sure..Imagine people in pioneer days..I would not of made it thru the first winter..LOL..Our weather here was 62this morning and now the wind is blowing like crazy and we are due for snow..CRAZY..Your rug is coming along nicely..Can't wait to see it finished..

WoolenSails said...

We have one of those for our tent trailer, they do come in handy;) Glad you were able to fix the pump, and hope the bad storms pass you by.


moosecraft said...

Good tip on the camping potty! I did not even know that was available... thought i'd have to rent one of those big portajohns they have at fairs if I ever had to do major repairs in my one bathroom! lol!

Absolutely LOVE your hooked piece! Your choosing all the perfect colors!

Cheryl Harper said...

Love your rug. Glad to hear the toilet is working.