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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Another Doodle Booklet" Americana Angel Doodles"

I think this may be just the ticket for me to give my punch needle another try,,,I have had some super informative tips form such talent, if I heed all this advice, I should do well...Hope you like it !!
P.S. I do have a freebie coming, but the booklets are for sale....

Americana Angel Doodle Booklet

Americana Angel Doodle Booklet

This collection is so prim and folk artsy. It includes the cover doodles, uncolored, a flying ...

Price: US$4.00

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WoolenSails said...

Love the lady liberty on the cover, perfect booklet for punching. If you have a photo of the punch you did, front and back, I can tell you what might be happing?

If your loops pull out while you are punching, it means you are lifting too high. You want your punches going forward to be close, but keep a small line of white between rows. Make sure you fabric is drum tight, you should hear a popping as you punch, then hit the needle all the way till it stops.


Robin said...

Thanks Debbie...This and so many other great suggestions are really going to help with my next " attempt" also think I was using the wrong fabric....I was using plain muslin and I should be using a blend ???
Thanks again for the advice !!!

Leslie said...

Love it! I need to get a few more surveys' to I do these surveys for a company and get paid $3. I put that money into PayPal and then buy little fun stuff like this from it :) I need some so I have an excuse to buy :D

Have a great weekend :)