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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Ok....cute video, then I'm done ....

I never would have thought it was possible....But hubby and I have become avid watchers of " Dog Whisperer"....He is such a great dog behavioral specialist and has such a a unique way with dogs.....I've learned so that said, this is what we were able to do in just 1 hour with a hyper, 8 month old Black Lab....

Original Video


Leslie said...

I had to chuckle...didn't anyone tell you that all labs are hyper? LOL At least for the first 2 years that is :)

I think Hank is a cutie and I'm happy to hear that you found a new love :)


WoolenSails said...

I wish I had one of those for my guy. I have a border collie and it is way too cold to go outside.


Christine said...

Robin, he's adorable...Don't say 'cute video, then I'm done' ! Don't be ashamed of posting about your new baby! I only wish I had a treadmill to put all 3 of mine on! They get to rippin and tearin around the It's a funny sight, but I worry about them running into something and getting hurt! I agree- too cold to put them out to run off steam!

Ms. ~K said...

Very impressive...Cesar would be proud!!!
Keep the doggie pictures coming.
Wrooo, wrooo!
Zack, Sas and Bud

Ms. ~K said...

I received a comment a week or so ago from someone who lives in Erie and whose mother was Polish-I can't find that comment (sigh)...was it from you?

Ms. ~K said...

please email me:

Chester's Mom said...

Nice to meet you Hank! Would you find it offensive if I told you that you are quite a handsome fella? The treadmill act you are doing there is fine but I wish you could come to my house and we would run and play in the fields and woods. Mom would like a treadmill for me too but she and dad just suffer and pile on mega amounts of clothing and take me for walks no matter how cold or wet out it is. It's cuz they love me and know that I need it or I am absolutely a terror to live with. Yes, I have trained them quite well in my 2 years here. Mom says you are a girl after her own heart with your primitives. Her and dad love old stuff that's been homemade and lovingly used. And they have a thing for crocks, Cowden and Wilcox if you ever heard of 'em. I'm surprised they didn't even call me that but I think I had already become known as Chester when she thought of it. Anyrooooo, it's nice to meet ya and I'll put you in my blogs to watch. Chester

Chrissie said...

Oooh, you are a lovely boy Hank. Yes, young labs have lots of energy. My nearly 4 year old is a lot more sedate now :))) Still loves a good old run though when his best buddy (my daughter's Kelpie) comes around. Loves to walk at any time of the day but at present, whilst we are in the midst of Summer here, it has to be at the cooler times of the day which is early morning and evening. Even then it is still hot but the heat of the day is just TOO hot.
Thanks for dropping by my blog which allowed me to find yours.:)

Ben sends a big woof to Hank.