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Monday, June 4, 2012

Goody hunting over the weekend and some lovely finishes.....

Hi everyone, and hope you are having a productive Monday ....
I managed to get out over the weekend, as my awesome Hubby took me for a ride and we stopped at a few antique shops out in the country...
I wasn't looking for anything specific, and didn't want to be spending money necessarily, but I did see a few goodies that called to me and were nice and reasonably priced... I even dickered on the price of a chair and the lady was not in the mood to to go back and forth, so she conceded and I got a chair really super isn't an antique or anything, it was just
Here are some of my goodies :
The picture in the heading is of a nice old grater, an old bird tin cookie cutter and then not sure what kind of pastry the long narrow cutter is for, but I like
Next is a nice little bundle of old shirting fabric pieces with a few calicos mixed in. There are even 2,  4 patch squares that looks like some homemaker started to make a quilt top out of some of her husbands old shirts. One of the larger pieces of tan shirting has some really bad iron burns in it...I think maybe she burned her hubbs good shirt and it was designated to the rag bag.....Do you wonder about stuff like that when you buy anything old and worn ???

Then , while looking at a chair in the barn out back of one of the stores, I spotted this old piece of wool, not quite a whole blanket, but good sized piece of an old wool army blanket !!  It's 72" x 42" wide !! I almost got it for free, but she did end up charging me $2...That's alotta nice wool for $2 !! I found an old blazer a friend had picked up at a yard sale for me so that got cut up and washed along with the blanket piece, both washed up real nice, allthough I think the jacket might be a tad thick for hooking.... but it would make such an awesome background on a rug , wouldn't it ?? I'm thinking of over dyeing some of the blanket, just to experiment...not too much of it, but maybe just to try and get a nice mottled green for trees, leaves, grass, and flower stems and such......

Lastly...anyone who knows me, knows I have a real problem...passing up a chair and not buying it...what is it with chairs ??!!!! I'll be riding down the road, and God forbid there is a yard sale with a chair or CHAIRS sitting out for all to head will almost do a 360 degree turn to get a better view....AND, I won't even go into what I do when  I spot a chair in someones garbage, ok i will go into ...My hubby and kids ( all grown now)...dread a chair sighting in the trash...they all know without me saying a word, that they must immediately do a U turn or look for a safe spot ( the former is usually the case) to turn around so I can better inspect said chair....They die of embarassment when the words,  " GRAB IT " come out of my mouth...Momma means business, no whining, do not dare question why...just DO IT !!!
So, hubby knew I was zeroing in on this chair like a heat seeking missile, as soon as I saw it and allready was mentally making room in the back of our Equinox for it

                                   You see...chairs are my  HOLY GRAIL !!!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
and now...Here are a few lovely pieces done by a sweet gal  named Dale Johnson (ncsuasumom) on Ebay   

they are just wonderful Dale !!! these designs can be found in my Americana Thyme Doodle Booklet .
And once again, Rebecca(goodwool) on Ebay , has worked her special touch and done up this rooster doodle of mine in her famous neutral tones....Love it as usual Rebecca !!

Have a great evening everyone !!


Saundra said...

Robin, I love all the vintage linens you pick up and they'll be wonderful for primitive dolls!!!

You have quite a reputation for good designs, my gurlfren..... look at the folloiwng you have. You should feel very proud!



WOW, you did great gal! I love all that fabric and of course who wouldn't love that chair? (I have a real 'thing' for boxes, chairs and tables.) Yard sailing was great for us this weekend too. I got a neat old cabinet for such a cheap price I'm ashamed to even say it out loud. {You can see it on my blog.} You've had your fun. Now it's time to get back to work....Designing us gals some new doodles! HA Hugs, Sher

Primitives By The Light of The Moon said...

Such great finds and the chair was too great to pass up! Love the finishes :)

acorn hollow said...

I think in your former life you must of been a chair maker :0)
Love the finds and the wool. the thick wool would be good to use for a backing to a small piece like a chair pad!

Ellie's Country Accents said...

What fantastic finds. Love the Chair.

Jan - Life on Buttermilk Hill said...

I'm the same way with chairs--I am always hunting for them at flea markets and Al is always dragging me away from them!! Love the Olde Glory finish!! It must be so much fun seeing your designs come to life from others hands!!

Raymond Homestead said...

Great finds! I would love to find wool like that! What a great deal!

Rugs and Pugs said...

Now that's a cool chair!!!
Great finishes from your doodles.
Hugs :)

janet said...

You really did get some good finds..The wool is amazing and what a price..The chair is great..What are you going to do with it?..I love to go looking along back roads and thru neighborhoods on clean up days..I have found some awesome pieces..Have a wonderful week..Oh yes the patterns of yours done in wool are beautiful..

WoolenSails said...

Nice finds and love those old fabrics.


TeresaM said...

You found some wonderful things Robin!!! I have started a tin collection without even realizing it! Love the pieces you found... the old cookie cutter is lovely and the fabric is prim perfect!
Love hearing your chair story..... made me laugh! So glad you got out for a road trip!

thesimplequiet said...

Robin, I share the same addiction to chairs! We must be kindred spirits :-). All your finds are fabulous and the wool finishes are lovely!

Thank you for the feature!


Prims By The Water said...

Love the rugs and goodies! I have a fettish or all things prim...including chairs! Take care, Janice

Constance said...

Love this. I could/should be doing needle punch. Someone come to Utah and teach me! constanceoc@yahoo