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Friday, April 13, 2012

I didn't know that ??????

Hi folks...Well you learn something new everyday ...When I hear of a little tidbit of info unbeknownst to me it is just so funny...I mean Don't I know everything ?? ( My kids accuse me of thinking that !! Hey, all Mother's need to at least come close to that
Anyhow, Saundra of Woodland Junction is hooking up one of the doodles in my
Americana Thyme Doodle Booklet
...It is the little elephant holding the "Liberty" banner in his tail...Well, as she was showing her progress on her rug to a group of folks, they informed her of these little folky traditions:
" As in horse shoes, the trunk needs to be slightly turned up to keep in the good LUCK, just as horseshoes need to be with them in the shape of a U for good luck.
And supposedly anyone who collects elephant figurines will only buy the ones with the trunk up because the GOOD LUCK is saved inside. If the trunk is downward then the luck runs out."
HMMMM...I really did not know that ?? ( DON"T tell my kids that ! is a pic of the trunk down and then she just for the heck of it, made the change and turned the trunk up slightly on the end ... Isn't is cute ? I love her work !!


Saundra said...

Oh Robin, you sweetie pie! Well, that is what I was told by the country folk where I live and had no clue myself until then.

But they all LOVED the wonderful rug design. Oh, the other thing is they couldn't understand why anyone would EVER walk on a hooked rug. Hmmm, even in Delaware do you think there is hope they might classify this as ART?? Wouldn't that be wonderful?

Jessica @Blessings in the Country said...

I didn't know that either. Now that I've heard of this, every time I see an elephant item, I will have to check to see if it's trunk is curved up, cuz that is just random stuff I do. ;)

WoolenSails said...

That is funny, my sister collects one with nose up too.
I am not big on good or bad luck, I make what I like;) I think mine have trunks down on my appliqué, now I have to look, lol.


Jan - Life on Buttermilk Hill said...

I had heard that before, but you reminded me of it. Cute design--I so wish I had ANY spare time to learn hooking!!--Jan

Firecracker Kid said...

Well, I didn't know that either Robin. Have been accused of being a know it all too... lol. Kids :o)
Love that hooked rug!

Primitives By The Light of The Moon said...

Well I didn't know either! Cute, Cute elephant!

TeresaM said...

I never heard that one either! Interesting!!

Love the rug!

Kathy (woolfind) said...

Never heard that Robin. Cute, and she is doing a wonderful job :)

susiedele said...

My SIL collects elephant figures and she only has them with the trunks turned up. If I hadn't shopped with her I wouldn't have known either. If you can hook like that then I think you're lucky no matter what! It's a wonderful pattern.

ohiofarmgirl said...

Love the trunk up!!!Dianntha

Rugs and Pugs said...

I didn't know that either! Saundra is SO TALENTED!!! I love that woman.
Pug hugs :)