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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Sunday Blessings ...and a new Stitchery Freebie for you !!

Good Sunday to you all !! I am sitting here typing listening to 2 of my Grandsons playing with my pooch Hank, and thinking how good God is....It wasn't more than a few weeks ago that I was feeling at an all time low, and sadly not even knowing why...Those of you who have suffered from depression understand what I am saying...That is the frustrating part of this illness... My life wasn't going horribly wrong at the time. My husband still loved me like the Saint he is ( most of the time...LOL) my kids were the same , maybe not the greatest kids in the world, but who's are ? They have hearts full of love and compassion and they are good to me... My Grandchildren are precious and they make me squish my lips up and want to just squeeze them even just thinking of them.... And talk about friends !!! One of my dearest friends , Robby, called me every day and sometimes just read to me from a Joyce Meyer book and quoted scripture.... She Cried for me and prayed for me.....Aut sadly, I continued through that dark period where all of it just didn't matter.... BUTTTTTTT....God is good !! He hears prayers and when He does something for you, it is better than good !!So don't give up if you are dealing with something similar...He wants to heal and restore...and He Will !!!
So.... I have been on the road back to creating and have noticed all of the cute Freebie Bunny patterns and had to throw my own design in the lot for you to hopefull enjoy...I even stitched mine up and framed it and it will,be going up on mine and Robby's new Lemon Poppy Seeds spot... !!
God Bless you all..I've got so many dear followers that pray for me and wish me well and you mean sooo much to me..
Be Blessed Today !!


Elena said...

Thank you so much Robby!!
Elena :-)

Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

A big thank's so prim!

kim said...

Thank you for the great stitchery!
take care

lizziebusy said...

Thanks a lot for the great freebie, I love it sooo much!
I'm please that your "dark" period is gone and you started to create agian.

I wish you all my best,

ohiofarmgirl said...

What a joy!!! I needed that this morning! I know about depression issues. My mother has suffered with it all my life...please know that you are not alone. Blessings to you and yours, Dianntha

Christine@SticksStitchesnBoards said...

Robin, I am so happy to hear you upbeat again. I've thought of you often, and thought I should have written to you many times, but didn't think that written words would be the same. I'm so glad Robby has been able to help you out in the past months. She is a sweetheart :o)

carolyn at cranberry crossings: said...

What a cute pattern, but even more important, praise the Lord for bringing you out of that low period.
So glad to hear some good news. May it continue for you for a very long time.

Robby said...

Thanks for the freebie. And I love you to bits. xxxRobby

simple~needs said...

thank you, robin!!
hugs to you to brighten your spirit! :)

Goat Creek Grandma said...

Thank you sew much!


Leslie said...

I have missed you! I'm so happy that you are feeling better and I hope it continues :)

Love your rabbit! I did up your Valentine's one and it's hanging in my living room. It needs changed out but I haven't found what I wanted yet and maybe this will be it. I just love your doodles, Robin! It makes me so happy to see things that I stitched up of yours because you are a friend. I actually know who made that and not just some person on the

Have a great day!


P.S-I bought your stitchery pack a few weeks back and I'm really thinking that the Folk Art Stitchery may find it's way on a pillow for my rocking chair :)

Linda / Behind My Red Door said...

Very cute! Thank you somuh for the kind freebie.

Your new lights are great - don't you just love changes like that? Enjoy!!

Christine said...

I love it Robin!!!! Thank you!!!!
Went to Lowe's saturday.......darn, they didn't have that light!! But got another one , happy with that....anything was a improvement!

So glad you are feeling better...awhile back I was depressed too....not sure why. Think it's related to the winter, but not sure. Now in a whirlwind getting ready for our daughter's wedding March 28, trying to spiff up this place. Pprobably will need to wait to stitch this up, but it's sooo cute!!!!
Hugs, Christine

Leslie said...

I finished up this freebie yesterday and hung it! I just love it! I went through my stitchery pattern stash and I realized there was a cute bunny pattern in that packet that I bought from you before :) So, I am making that one now, too! And I have your freebie Liberty one from your website now traced out on fabric to make into a pillow for my child's rocking chair in my bedroom. Am I a little obsessed with your patterns???

Hurry up and make some more! LOL :)

Hope your weekend is going well...


EEk! I hope the captcha phrase isn't a sign because it's the word "WORSE"!!!!

Julie said...

Praying for you--my Dad suffers from depression. I hope your days get better. Thanks so much for the pattern. It is darling--it will be my new stitchery for the week. thanks for your generosity. Julie

Primitives By The Light of The Moon said...

Thank you for the wonderful stitchery!

Julie Isa said...! i just found your blog and i am thrilled! thank you for the easter pattern your so talented!

disa said...

I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.